What Does Your Portfolio Look Like?

We all make decisions in life about what we will invest our time, talents, treasures – ourselves – in. We need to choose wisely. Luke 12: 15 says, “Life is not measured by how much you own.” That statement can apply to money, possessions, or material goods in general. As for me, I spent my […]

Pinterest and Personal Time

Pinterest is so fun. If you’re not familiar, it’s a website that allows you to search for a wide variety of crafts, activities, recipes, clothes, hair ideas, home improvement projects; the list goes on. You can “pin” these ideas to save for later. I’ve had many a successful Pinterest craft, but I’ve also had plenty […]

Wanting “More” Isn’t Just About Stuff

I love Pandora. I can select a song or an artist, and the Pandora magicians pull together a cast of songs that work amazingly well together and fit my mood. I can be worshiping with the musicians from Bethel Music gathering my courage to be brave and escape the bathroom to see what my newly […]


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