The Great Adventure

Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 1 In the past couple of weeks, our Lead Pastor Ben introduced the new mission statement of CedarCreek Church. In 1995 we began with this mission statement: “The mission of CedarCreek Church is to help spiritually restless and unchurched people become fully devoted followers of Christ.”  After a decade or so […]

For the Love of Money

Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 6 1 Timothy 6 opens the door to taking a closer look at one’s self in various ways. However, my focus is verse 10. “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Please note, it’s the love of money, not money, that “is the root of […]

Curve Ball

Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 5 As I prepared for today’s chapter, I began as I always do whenever I write for the LIO: I sat down and prayed before getting started. I prayed that God would guide me. That somehow my life experiences may be of some use to others facing similar situations. For today’s […]


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