In Pursuit of Purpose

In yesterday’s devotional, we talked about how you are enough. So let me make one thing clear — whether you know your purpose or not, you are enough. Whether you are living a life that feels meaningful, or still escaping a life that isn’t, it doesn’t matter in the eyes of God. He loves you […]

You Are Enough

When I was a kid in school, I remember very vividly being told once by other kids that I could not play with them because I was not good enough. I do not recall what they saw as not good enough that prevented me from joining, but I remember how much that comment stung in […]

Unleashing the Best Version of Me

The idea of “finding oneself” is often emphasized at the beginning of college. I remember when I started college, I didn’t truly understand why I had to find myself. Didn’t I already know myself? I had lived a whole 18 years. I’d acted in a certain way, knew who my friends were, and knew what […]


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