What is the Meaning of Life?

Every day thousands of people Google, “What is the meaning of life?” 20 years ago, no one would’ve thought that a website called “Google” would contain the answers to some of the most important questions of life. Whether we consciously think about the answers to these questions or not, it’s clear that the way we […]

To Act or Not to Act

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever been on a trip or adventure where at some point you realize you had no idea where you were or maybe even where you were headed? This can be a scary, or maybe exhilarating situation depending on what types of adventure you enjoy. Getting lost seems to […]

Prayer Brings Perspective

Some of the gifts from Christmas are still sitting under our tree. They are no longer enveloped by beautifully colored paper. They are not waiting for their bright ribbons and bows to be untied. And their tags have long revealed their donor’s intended recipient. Taking a closer look at these gifts may uncover why they […]


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