Don’t Be a Control Freak

In Genesis 15, God promises Abram that he will have as many descendants as there are stars. Sarai, Abram’s wife, was certain that she must not be part of this equation since she was past child-bearing age. Instead of waiting patiently for God to fulfill his promise, she suggests that Abram conceive a child with […]


How to Wait Actively

Every morning, they got up and went to the temple. Every morning, they waited in eager expectation that maybe today would be the day that God’s promised one would enter the world. And every night, they went to sleep waiting for God to keep his promise to send a savior. Maybe tomorrow. Simeon, a righteous […]


Why We Don’t Like to Wait

What presents did you eagerly wait for when you were younger? A Game Boy? A Furby? A Lite Brite? Teddy Ruxpin? Stretch Armstrong? Whatever it was, we can all relate. After you asked for something for Christmas, you waited that long month, which seemed like a year! How often did you wish that Christmas would […]


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