I am a child of God

Romans 6 Have you ever adopted a child or known someone who has? It’s a long and arduous process. At the end, when the child becomes part of his/her new family, any authority that the previous guardians, parents, or government entity had over this child no longer exists. He or she is “dead” to his/her […]

Are Bad Things Always Bad?

Today’s Bible Reading: Romans 5 When I drive my kids to activities, I tend to take the opportunity to talk to them about Jesus. I call them “car sermons,” and they’re great because the kids are strapped in; they can’t leave. Despite my quasi-Clockwork-Orange approach, the kids really enjoy it. The other day, my oldest […]

What Does the Scripture Say?

Today’s Bible Reading: Romans 4 There’s a lot of talk regarding what it means to be a Christian—a follower of Christ, a believer, or someone who is right with God. Some think, well, if you’re not too bad or if you make sure to do some good things, you’re all set. Others may think that […]


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