Our Earnest Prayers

One of my spiritual gifts is intercession, which is a fancy word that means ‘praying for others’. Since I became a Christian, I have always been fascinated with prayer and its power. The first nine months of CedarCreek Church, we spent hours and days praying about what God wanted our church to look like. Until […]

Are My Prayers a Blank Check From God?

Today we are looking at the importance of what we are asking in his name. Have you ever asked God for something, but didn’t get it or didn’t receive the answer you were looking for? How do we cope with the death of a loved one after asking for God to heal them? The Bible […]

What Does God Think About Me?

Today we are looking at Who we are to God. The Bible describes who someone was by whose son they were. Matthew began the New Testament presenting the genealogy from Abraham to Jesus. Fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies and proving to all Jews that Jesus is the true Messiah by his lineage. Nowadays, our family […]


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