The Power of WOW!

When I was sixteen, I had a pen pal named David who lived in Tokoroa, New Zealand. We started writing to each other because I had picked New Zealand as my pen pal’s homeland. When I read through the list of countries I could choose from, New Zealand had just sounded so very exotic and […]

Don’t Be a Cynic

Han Solo from the Star Wars movies is probably one of the most famous cynics in the movie world (if you are not a Star Wars fan, please keep reading nevertheless—I promise I will not get too geeky here). Two of his most famous movie lines are: “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, […]

Created to Hope

Few things rival the feelings of expectation, wonder, and hope that fill children as Christmas nears. The air they breathe seems to be alive with magic. There are cookies everywhere. The smells are magical as the Christmas tree twinkles in the dark, emitting the scent of pine. The stockings hanging limply fill the soul with […]


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