Deeply Rooted

I was working in my yard one day and decided to get rid of some unsightly bushes around the front of my house. I was going to work smarter on this job, so I got a chain and wrapped it around the base of the bush. With the help of a hoist, I proceeded to […]

Already Forgiven

I have a confession. I don’t know the authors of most of the New Testament. Usually, I just assume it was Paul. It’s a pretty safe bet, isn’t it? He did write 7-13 of the letters in the New Testament—and they were some really good letters, too. First and Second Corinthians? Classic. Honestly, what Christian […]

Trust Walk

The basis of any, and I do mean ANY, healthy relationship is trust.  Parent to child, child to parent, friend to friend, spouse to spouse, teammates to one other, coach to player, boss to employee and vice versa.  We begin a “trust walk” in every relationship we have. In a healthy relationship, we do not […]


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