Tick Tock…

I think God has a great sense of humor! He constantly puts people together who are complete opposites. Take my husband, Mike, and me. I love, love, love getting up early in the morning, spending time with the Lord, exercising, getting to a breakfast meeting, and continuing through the morning with things that fill my […]

Energize Your Life

Singing to my daughters at bedtime always energizes me in a very profound and special way. I have done it since the day they were born, and luckily at 8 ¾ and 10 ½ (those fractions are very important to them, so I better not leave them out!), they still let me sing to them. […]

The Hats I Wear

I am a child of God. He created me in his image. In his eyes I am beautiful and perfectly made according to his plan. The responsibilities he has given me are similar and different than the ones he has given you. Working together, we can further his Kingdom and spread the Good News! The first […]


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