Slow Down Your Horses

I think I was born with my gears stuck in fast forward. My brain and my feet are always flying from one thing to the next. Consequently, sitting still long enough to listen and learn has always been very difficult. Doing school work was torture! Back then, there was no diagnosis for kids like me […]

Are Your Prayers a One Way Conversation?

Among the most infuriating conditions, we experience as humans is the vast extent to which our minds, stuck on “play,” wander throughout the course of any given day. Even when we seek to escape in our thoughts, we are reminded how difficult it can be to pause and engage with focus. How often, when reading […]

The Beauty in the Pause

Two weekends ago, CedarCreek’s interns (myself included) went on a 24-hour sabbatical, during which we fasted from food, technology, and conversation. Personally, it was fantastic to set aside some of the distractions—the texts, the emails, the to-do list, the guilt of not being busy, the noise—to be still and listen. During last weekend’s service, Dr. […]


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