Connection Top 10

What does a healthy relationship look like? Sometimes it is hard to answer that question, especially if we have had very few good examples growing up. And let’s be honest, our culture certainly does not provide positive role models. So sure, nobody wants to feel lonely, but exactly what kind of relationships should we be […]

Missing Parts

My preschool-aged grandsons enjoy playing with my iPad. They are very comfortable swiping through the menus and choosing an app. They are particularly fond of an app called “StoryBots”. This app is a compilation of short videos using catchy songs to teach preschool skills such as the alphabet, counting, colors, animals, and body parts. What […]

Enough About Me…

Swagger. Self-confidence. Look out for number one. Sell yourself. These are concepts that contemporary society espouses. Have you ever noticed that what God values often differs greatly from what our world esteems? Look at, for instance, how Jesus dealt with his greatness: “Though he was God, [Jesus] did not think of equality with God as […]


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