Friday: Nailed It!

The annoyingly obnoxious yet funny show Nailed It! takes a below-average baker and challenges them to re-create a complex bakery masterpiece. To the home viewer, the three “bakers” (I use that term LOOSELY) seem to be complete dopes, and the viewer just knows he/she could do it better and claim the $10,000 prize. Interestingly, in […]

Happily Ever After

As a teenage girl growing up in Germany, I was fascinated by the real-life fairytale wedding of princess Elisabeth of Bavaria (more famously known by her nickname Sissi) to Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1854. He was actually meant to marry her older sister Helene in an arranged political marriage but fell madly in […]

Who’s Behind Authority?

On July 6, 2018, I retired from my position with Hancock County after twenty years of service. During that time, I reported to two different elected officials. I was one of the lucky government employees because I actually respected my employers. It was easier to submit to their authority because their office follows Christian principles. […]


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