How Gardening Relates to Your Spiritual Life

Happy spring! It may not feel like it, but spring technically started five days ago. With spring often come thoughts of gardening and growth. Some plants will start growing on their own as the snow thaws. However, any gardener knows that most fruits and vegetables need to be planted and cared for to harvest any […]

When You’re a Control Freak

You know those people who take the simplest task and turn it into an art form? Like laundry – the whites and color clothes must be sorted. Washed separately, dried, and then it gets hard.  The undies and socks get made into different piles.  Dressier shirts and sweaters are in a separate pile.  Undershirts and […]

Fixer Upper and Forgiving Sins

On a recent trip to Waco, Texas, my friend, our daughters, and I discussed what we would say or do if we were able the meet Chip or Joanna Gaines. For Fixer Upper fans, just seeing them would be a big deal. One of the security guards we chatted with at the Magnolia Silos said […]


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