Taste Your Words

“Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.” – Anonymous Words are powerful. They have the power to bring life or the power to bring death to a soul. We have all been victims of careless words. I still remember a day on the school bus when I overheard a couple of […]

Your Words Have Weight

There is a gift we each possess that holds immense power. While this gift has no physical dimension, it’s weight and impact are indelible. It’s something we all value but most of us treat far too casually. When used as God intended, this gift can provide help, healing, and happiness. But used recklessly, as it […]

Anger Begets Anger, But Gentleness is Fruitful

My husband and I just went on a weekend trip to Chicago. We quickly noticed the large crowds of people walking and many cars struggling to turn at intersections because of the pedestrians exercising their right-of-way to cross the street. There wasn’t a single time we crossed a street without hearing a driver somewhere honking […]


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