Fight My Battles!

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 15 Sometimes it feels as if everything is a battle. Dealing with the kids. Stressors at work. Relationships. Staying above water financially. Living a healthy lifestyle. Family. Depression. A diagnosis. Fill in the blank. The group singing in Revelation 15 is a group that had won the battle and were experiencing victory […]

The Happiest Ending of All

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 14 I am an avid reader! I love all types of books. I love books with happy endings, books that make me laugh, books that touch my heart, and books that offer second chances. I do not like sad books or books where evil triumphs. Several years ago, the book “Gone Girl” […]

Listen Carefully

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 13 Today we are reading Revelation 13, which describes the Beast Out of the Sea and the Beast Out of the Earth in great detail. The first beast speaks great blasphemies against God and is allowed to wage war for 42 months against God’s holy people. It is eventually fatally wounded but […]


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