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Great Expectations

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 10:1-31 Today’s LivingItOut: I love how this section of scripture starts out in verse 1: “Once again crowds gathered around him, and as usual [emphasis added] he was teaching them.” Imagine living that life, always ready to teach and always being followed by those pesky Pharisees! We start out today’s reading […]

Journey Together

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 9 Today’s LivingItOut: When I read Mark 9, one passage that stood out to me immediately was the one where Jesus took a child in his arms and told his disciples that welcoming children also welcomed him and thus God. I think another way of saying this would be that to […]

Waste Not

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 8 Today’s LivingItOut: We are, unfortunately, a very wasteful society. We often do not appreciate what we have. Last weekend I was struck when I came across an article about food waste in the United States. About 40 percent of all food produced here is thrown away. I of course had […]

Rules or Relationship?

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 7 Today’s LivingItOut: As Jesus’ popularity increased, he attracted more and more attention from the religious leaders, and his disciples came under scrutiny. With more than 600 laws a religious Jew was expected to obey, it wasn’t difficult for the Pharisees, a religious sect that prided itself on rigid adherence to […]

I Trust You, Jesus

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 6:45-54 Today’s LivingItOut: Imagine you are one of Jesus’ disciples. You’ve been following him for a while. You’ve heard his teachings, watched him heal others, and built a relationship with him. You are astounded when he takes five loaves of bread and two fish and feeds more than 5,000 people. You […]

Who is in Charge?

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 6:1-44 Today’s LivingItOut: Do you ever play God in your life? I sometimes do. I find myself trying to hold on to and control the circumstances and relationships in my life without seeking God’s leading. For our purpose of better answering that first question, let’s delve more deeply into Mark 6:1-6, […]

It is an Inside Job

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 5 Today’s LivingItOut: In this week’s LivingItOut, we continue our journey through the book of Mark. Today we begin with Mark 5 and we will end the week by reading Mark 8 on Friday. In Today’s reading, Jesus has “arrived at the other side of the lake, in the region of […]

Weathering the Storm

If you missed Lead Pastor Ben Snyder’s video in yesterday’s study, take a moment and listen to it as he shares vision for this year’s LivingItOut Bible Study, and invites you to journey along with us through the New Testament. Vision for the 2019 LivingItOut: Video Today’s Scripture Reading: Mark 4 Today’s LivingItOut: A few […]