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Fight My Battles!

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 15 Sometimes it feels as if everything is a battle. Dealing with the kids. Stressors at work. Relationships. Staying above water financially. Living a healthy lifestyle. Family. Depression. A diagnosis. Fill in the blank. The group singing in Revelation 15 is a group that had won the battle and were experiencing victory […]

The Happiest Ending of All

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 14 I am an avid reader! I love all types of books. I love books with happy endings, books that make me laugh, books that touch my heart, and books that offer second chances. I do not like sad books or books where evil triumphs. Several years ago, the book “Gone Girl” […]

Listen Carefully

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 13 Today we are reading Revelation 13, which describes the Beast Out of the Sea and the Beast Out of the Earth in great detail. The first beast speaks great blasphemies against God and is allowed to wage war for 42 months against God’s holy people. It is eventually fatally wounded but […]

Satan, the Real Space Invader

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 12 In 1978, Taito released a video game called Space Invaders. It was one of the first two-dimensional shooting games, and the objective was to defeat waves of aliens as they dropped from the top of the screen. A player controlled a laser cannon, which moved horizontally across the bottom and would […]

Can I Get a Witness?

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 11 As I read about the two witnesses, the image of the two of them dressed in sackcloth struck me. It reminds me of John the Baptist, who wore clothes made of camel hair and a leather belt around his waist. All three of these individuals would stand out in a crowd […]

Better Than You Found It – Resources

Start the Discussion: Click here for printable message notes. Click here for printable message discussion questions. Click here for printable LIO Bible Study.  Click here for the discussion video and unpack what it means to live out the message principles during the week.

God’s Directed Discretion

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 10 Revelation 10:4 When the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write. But I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Keep secret what the seven thunders said, and do not write it down.” Sometimes I wish I would hear an audible voice from heaven! Whenever I need to be brutally honest […]

The Final Authority

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 9 Revelations. Whether reading it for themselves or talking to someone else about it, where does one even begin with Revelations? I’m sure you have questions about this chapter, because I have questions about this chapter. And there’s no way I’ll be able to explain what you’ve either just read or are […]

The Sound of Silence

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 8 One of the most misunderstood and diversely interpreted portions of the Bible, the Book of Revelation is a study in contrasts. Revelation 8, which begins with silence in the heavens but rapidly unfolds into a dizzying series of cataclysmic events, is a worthy contributor to this divergent reality. With its apocalyptic […]

Hope and Courage

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 7 Have you ever thought that heaven might be boring? Does the concept of an eternal worship service not really excite you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dishonoring God, I just think the traditional concept that we are going to walk around on clouds with harps for all eternity is not […]