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Attitude Adjustment

I’m about eight months into my role as a stay-at-home mom. There are days so fulfilling that I know this is where I’m meant to be. And I know what I’m doing is immeasurably valuable. However, there are also days, as with any role, that I am so overwhelmed by the end of the day […]


The Dead of Winter. I don’t know what precipitates your winter of the soul, but for me, it’s the dreaded two-hour delay from school, or worse yet, the cancellation. As I’m writing this, my kids are home yet again.  I’m thinking about making them come with me to get groceries because my day still has […]

Learning to Laugh

No one in the the whole world has seen the movie Trolls more often than I have. I know you think you have, but you haven’t. All of the singing, all of the smiles, and all of the laughter. I am pretty much an expert on Trolls now, so I know full well that the […]

Walk to the Mailbox!

If you are struggling more than usual this year with cabin fever, welcome to the world of this former Buffalonian. February “meh” is an annual occurrence there because there is usually five feet of snow on the ground by February first with no end in sight. The wind chill is a stunning -10 or lower […]

Greener Grass

Yesterday, David talked about the principle of Acknowledge Here, answering the question “Where am I?” Today, we will talk about the second principle, Awareness of There. The question for today is “Where do I want to be?” And, as Ben Snyder pointed out, “not here” is not a helpful answer. Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)   Where there […]

Where Am I?

Where am I? Have you ever wondered that, for example, when you took a wrong exit or stood in a mall parking lot with that bewildered look on your face as you searched for any hint of your car (or one that even looked like it)? What did you do in that moment? Did you […]

Good Meh-dicine

Winter in Ohio. Year after year, it leaves me feeling as though I’ve been visited by an unwelcome guest. I dread its arrival and its company; and by the time it mercifully departs, I am of the opinion that it has long overstayed its welcome. It’s around this very time each year – with the […]

Living Differently

In order to be a difference maker, we have to live differently. What exactly does it mean to live differently? It’s easy to see what we, as Americans, value and who we admire. Pick up any magazine, turn on your television, or ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. Our […]