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Offering Our Best

What do you imagine when you hear the word sacrifice? For some, it brings to mind noble acts, people giving of themselves for a greater cause. Romans 12:1-3 1 And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them […]

Power in the Combination

This past weekend, our church continued our series, Adventure(Us).  Each weekend of this series, we have talked about how our relationships can move from monotonous to adventurous, and one of the ways that happens is by having relationships that are harmonious. This weekend, Eric Williams shared with us that God has more adventure for us […]

The Great Puzzle Solver

My father-in-law was a puzzler. By that I don’t mean that he was strange but that he loved completing puzzles. Whenever we visited, he had a huge puzzle laid out that covered about half of the ping pong table he had in the lower part of his bi-level home. He, my mother-in-law, and the kids […]

Take a Risk

I like plans. At work, I pride myself on having a plan and instructing others to do the same. On a day off at home, I like to know what we’re doing together as a family and when. Even on a recent vacation, I kept asking my wife what we were going to do each […]

So Many Choices

It is estimated that the average human makes 35,000 “remotely conscious” decisions each day! It would be impossible to say yes to every one of those 35,000 choices that bombard us, so we must be saying no to something. There are a lot of distractions vying for our attention in this world. However, God has […]

Everything At Our Fingertips

I often ask myself and anyone who will listen (never with a hint of sarcasm), “How did we ever live without instant communication, instant results, and instant gratification?” As the world gets more technologically advanced, it grows smaller and more demanding. We are control freaks more than ever before. We have to have everything researched, […]

Spontaneous Adventures

“Let’s go out of town today!” Depending on your personality, these six words can either be very exciting or simply stress-inducing. For those of us who find this phrase exciting, we love the chance to live on a whim or not have to stick to a plan. This is evidenced in how we spend time […]

A Guarded Heart

In the first weekend of “3 in 30”, Adam Marroquin, the NextSteps Director at the West Toledo Campus, unpacked three very different interpretations of what a guarded heart means. One has a defensive posture, which he identified as a Wall Builder, a person who intentionally builds up walls around themselves to keep others out. Next […]