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The Most Important Relationship

I don’t particularly care for dramas. Give me a good action film any day! They have lots of explosions, fight scenes, and not a tremendous amount of dialogue. They can be really fun and exciting to watch. But that is not the kind of drama we have been discussing this week. This week, we have […]

Listening With an Open Heart

We are all God’s children, and he wishes that we emulate his love in our relationships with each other. Yesterday, we read about the offended individual’s role in conflict resolution. Today, we will discuss the role of the offender. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus discusses the importance of healthy interactions with others and encourages […]

Speaking With an Open Heart

As a teenager, I attended a group camp one summer at a church near the Alps, and there were about 20 to 25 of us. After our meal time (mmm, we had some yummy Leberkäse and Spätzle!), we all settled in for some fun time together as a group. We were told there was a […]

Can We Talk?

The best job I had in the years that I worked for CedarCreek Church was that of Staff Liaison Pastor. For nine years, I met monthly with most of the staff to talk about their work, their faith, and their families. At the end of our time, I would pray with them, bringing their concerns […]

The Real Issue in our Relationships

Relationship drama! It is probably safe to say that most of us have some level of relationship drama in our lives, and if we don’t have any at the moment, just wait. It’s coming. As we continued our series entitled Issues this past weekend, Ben shared that when it comes to relationship issues, the real […]

Issues: I Need Less Drama – Resources

Start the Discussion: Click here for printable message notes. Click here for printable message discussion questions. Click here for printable LIO Bible Study.  Click here for the discussion video and unpack what it means to live out the message principles during the week.

Freely Giving to Others

Money. I used to think it grew on trees. Every time we’d ask for something my parents would say, “What? Do you think money grows on trees?” Being a helpful little girl, I went out in the yard to find the money tree, sadly, to no avail. Back in those early days of my life, […]

Where Does Your Significance Come From?

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people that they don’t like.” -Will Rogers Today we take a look at the “S” in C.O.S.T. It stands for Significance and the question we need to ask ourselves is this: Am I finding my SIGNIFICANCE IN GOD more […]

Loving Others is Priceless

I absolutely LOVE how God works! I had the privilege to write for LivingItOut the week we kicked off this series. Now, we’re in week three, and my topic today totally relates to my post two weeks ago. Coincidence? No, GODincidence! In my last post, I wrote about a big decision that God made for […]

Are You Enslaved by Your Debt?

Today, we unpack Cash from the acronym C.O.S.T.  that Ben spoke about last weekend. Remember that C.O.S.T. stands for Cash, Obligation, Significance, and Thankfulness. When counting the C.O.S.T, the question Ben asked us to think about in regards to cash is this: “Am I able to buy it without going into debt?” This may seem […]