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One Encounter with Jesus

Just as every person has a story to tell, so every Christian has an encounter with Jesus to share. That’s because Christianity isn’t a religion rooted in laws, land, status, or heritage. Instead, it’s rooted in a person, and the story he first wrote for us – one full of sacrifice, emotion, and above all […]

It’s All About Him

In today’s scripture reading, Cleopas and another disciple were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  As they were walking, the resurrected Jesus joined them, but the two disciples did not recognize him.  He asked what the two had been discussing.  They were surprised that the man had […]

When Hope Is Lost

I think one of our biggest problems as humans is the gap that almost always exists between what we hope for and expect, and our perception of reality. We expect a certain outcome, and when our perceived reality doesn’t measure up, we lose hope. Notice I say, “perceived reality.” Most times, how we perceive a […]

Hide and Seek

I am the mother of two young children. Both of my kids LOVE to play hide and seek. Mostly, they like to be the hiders and want me to be the seeker. Being young, they sometimes pick some pretty obvious hiding places; but I always make a big production out of finding them by wondering […]


This past weekend we kicked off an exciting new series entitled “You Asked For It”. We asked you to give us questions that you would like to see answered during the weekend service, and you guys responded in a huge way. Throughout this series, we will have a chance to dive in and take a […]

Saved by Faith

I lived with a log in my eye for many years, even after making the decision to dedicate my life to Christ. My log was not one of judgment but of comparison, which I think actually is a form of judgment. I would look at what my friends had and wonder why I didn’t have […]

Freedom Through Friendship

At its core, Christianity is about relationships. We believe in one God in three persons, all in perfect relationship. This same God sent one of his persons to die in order to repair the broken relationship between himself and all of humanity. Not only does he care about having a relationship with humanity as a […]

Lemonade Stand

Rochelle asked a great question yesterday about whether you have ever received advice from someone who was clearly not following it themselves. And then, I thought about myself. How many times have I done just that … not just in the past but, like, today? In fact, I actually had T-shirts made that said, “Take […]