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An Invitation to Trust

“I can’t wait until I grow up because then I can do whatever I want!” I vividly remember saying this to my mother – on more than one occasion. It felt like all the rules and the chores were specifically designed to make my life miserable. Adulthood seemed to offer the freedom for which I […]

Finally Free!

This weekend we kicked off a new series entitled Finally Free. It is a series that we are excited about because we believe that when people find freedom in their lives, they can begin to live the full life for which God has created them. Knowing God is the beginning of our journey to freedom. […]

Finally Free – Resources

Start the Discussion: Click here for printable message notes. Click here for printable message discussion questions. Click here for printable LIO Bible Study.  Click here for the discussion video and unpack what it means to live out the message principles during the week.

Share the Gift of Your Story

We just love getting gifts! As children, we get presents, and we get all excited. Ripping off the paper and revealing the great present hidden inside, we show everyone what a great gift we have received. These days, gifts don’t come nearly as often as they did when I was growing up. But there is still […]

Does God Want to Hear from Me?

Have you ever fallen out of contact with a friend? I imagine we all have. Maybe you upset them, and they stopped talking to you. Maybe they upset you, and you haven’t gotten over it. Or maybe, neither of you did anything wrong. They moved, you got busy, and without even realizing it, a month […]

I Need Help

As a man who is married with children and works in a leadership position, I rarely like to admit that I need help. I tend to rely on my own ability, my own knowledge, and my own experience. I’ve got it. I can handle it. I often find myself trying to hoard more manna than […]

Can You See Jesus?

This past weekend, Ben Snyder unpacked the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. In yesterday’s study, we looked at how the Samaritan woman was surprised that Jesus saw her. Today, we will look at how Jesus let her know that she did not really see him. John 4:10 Jesus replied, “If you only […]

God Wants to Be My Friend?

My daughter Ruby is 3 years old, and one of my favorite games to play with her is hide and seek. Even though she’s not very good at the game, it doesn’t make it any less fun. She can only hide for so long (roughly 30 seconds) before she leaves her hiding place and yells […]

Power of an Invite

Today concludes our series on prayer, and our Easter services begin tonight. This week in LivingItOut, we have learned how prayer makes us better under pressure. At the beginning of the series, Ben Snyder asked us to pray consistently for someone and to look for an opportunity to invite them to an Easter service. Sometimes, […]