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From Failure to Rock

Bible scholar John MacArthur describes Jesus’ chosen apostles this way: They were a motley crew of ordinary, uneducated men, not showing any exceptional talent for speaking, leading, or teaching. Blockheads. Perhaps worst of all was Simon, the one Jesus picked to lead this merry band of misfits. Jesus gave him the name Peter, which in […]

What Could Be?

Leaving the house on time is never easy when you have kids. There can be many reasons for running late, but for my family the culprit most often is a misplaced pair of shoes. Sometimes, we discover that the missing shoes were taken off during the last car ride home! Other times, we find them […]

My Today is Not My Forever

My now ex-husband made our divorce as vicious, bitter, and acrimonious as he had always promised to make it. He had threatened that if we ever divorced, I would be lucky to see my daughters every other weekend because according to him, he was the better parent and thus would be their caregiver. Oh, and […]

Don’t Give Up

I am not a runner. If you are, please do not be offended. I am sure you find some joy in pounding the pavement into submission. I hate it!   That is why I had such a conflict when my son asked me to enter a 5k race on a 4th of July weekend in Houston. […]

Know Thy Enemy

“In the days when monsters and giants and fairy folk lived in England, a noble knight was riding across a plain. The Red Cross Knight had never yet faced a foe, and did not even know his own name or where he had been born. But now he was bound on a great adventure, sent […]

Don’t Tell God You’re Just Browsing

I’ve been so blessed for the last five years to have a Bible study group that is filled with people who share their struggles, wisdom, and love. At our most recent meeting, a girl in my group mentioned that she had been struggling with anxiety and worries earlier in the day, so she filled up […]

Be Humble and Kind

“SPLASH!” As I came up out of the water, I looked up to the bridge, hoping the girl I was trying to impress saw me. I had completed a perfect front flip into the James River from the 50-foot-high bridge. The summer after graduating college, some friends and I went hiking and then bridge jumping. […]

Out Of Place: Honorable – Resources

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Faith, like gold, is precious, rare, beautiful, and valuable.  Faith, like gold, must be refined, tested, and purified. Refining gold and purifying it involves heat. When God allows “heat” in a Christian’s life, he is refining our faith and purifying our trust through the trial, loss, tragedy, or crisis. He is making it pure, rare, and […]