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In Matthew 26, we read about Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, commonly referred to as “the Last Supper.” Matthew 26:17-28   17 On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Where do you want us to prepare the Passover meal for you?” 18 “As you go […]

Juicy Fruit

The kind of juice one gets depends on the kind of fruit being squeezed.  Not many bananas, cantaloupe, or peaches are juiced (although they are excellent in smoothies!). We desire the navel oranges, lemons, grapes, or carrots. Why? Because they are juicy! The results of those freshly extracted nectars are delicious. When the pressure is […]

Feel the Pressure

The last week of Jesus’ life, captured in Matthew 21-28, was full of emotional highs and lows. He entered Jerusalem as a king. People threw their cloaks and palm branches down before him. They praised him shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” Next, he went into the temple and was filled with holy anger […]

It’s Not Always About the For

We pray for a lot of things. We pray for ourselves, our families, our friends and other loved ones, and sometimes for people we’ve never met. We pray for good health, physical safety, and financial security; we pray for strength, courage, and self-discipline. We pray for wisdom and guidance. We pray for a lot of […]

Thoughts & Prayers – Resources

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Small Beginnings

All the talk about the dead of winter has me thinking about the hope of spring. I have a huge tree in my yard. I know that in the next few weeks, as the weather warms, the branches will sprout little green buds. They will be the first signs of life in that sleeping giant. […]

Keep on Knocking

We LOVE instant gratification. We text someone, say what we need, and get a response without having to have a whole conversation. We hear our favorite band has a new album; we download and listen to it within two minutes of hearing about it. We select our groceries online and pick them up a couple […]

Wholly Engaged

My family often says a prayer before our meals. My mother typically picks one of us at random to say a quick prayer. Even though it was only in front of our small family, I frequently felt anxious when it was my turn. Is my prayer too simple? What is everybody thinking about my prayer? […]

Free Pizza

“Who wants to eat a free Pizza Hut pizza every week for a YEAR?” screamed Rich Hall across America in 1986. “I do!” I replied while eating there with my family one evening.  We each filled out the placemat entry form, and a week later, I received the phone call notifying me of my tasty […]


We often pray and expect immediate results from God. Or we think that we only have to ask once because God knows what is in our hearts and minds. However, prayer is not a magic wand to get whatever we want, even with the best of intentions. Prayer is much bigger than just us; it […]