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Let Vision Guide You

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 14:32-72 The events experienced by Christ in Mark 14:32-72 are difficult (for me) to fathom. These events do NOT include his crucifixion— – they are events leading up to his crucifixion. In verse 32, we see Jesus overwhelmed with sorrow. He knows what is ahead of him, and what he will […]

Trust Him!

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 14:1-31 In today’s reading, Jesus twice predicts his own immediate future. First, he praises the woman who pours precious perfume over his head (verse 3), noting that she had done a “beautiful thing” to him to prepare him for his burial. Second, during the last supper, he states that he will […]

Step Out in Faith

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 13 In this week’s LivingItOut we will be finishing the book of Mark. Today, we read Mark 13 which shares a collection of prophecies that Jesus had revealed to his four closest disciples. One prophecy was about the precious temple being destroyed. Upon hearing this, they initially doubted Jesus, but later, […]

The Most Important Thing

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 12 Today’s LivingItOut: If you were to sum up your life’s purpose in one or two sentences, could you do it? When Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time, his life’s purpose was being fulfilled. He spent his last week teaching and clarifying what the Law really required. In Mark 12, […]

Triumphal Entry

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 11 Today’s LivingItOut:   Today, we read in Mark 11 about Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. Crowds of people that had heard about his teachings and miracles were excited to see him. They were anxious and hopeful that he might bring salvation and freedom to them and usher […]

Change me, Jesus!

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 10:32-52 Today’s LivingItOut: Jesus told the disciples that he was going to be betrayed, sentenced to die, and handed over to the Romans. They would flog him, whip him, and kill him, but three days later, he would rise from the dead. Imagine hearing those predictions from your best friend.. What […]

Great Expectations

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 10:1-31 Today’s LivingItOut: I love how this section of scripture starts out in verse 1: “Once again crowds gathered around him, and as usual [emphasis added] he was teaching them.” Imagine living that life, always ready to teach and always being followed by those pesky Pharisees! We start out today’s reading […]

Journey Together

Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 9 Today’s LivingItOut: When I read Mark 9, one passage that stood out to me immediately was the one where Jesus took a child in his arms and told his disciples that welcoming children also welcomed him and thus God. I think another way of saying this would be that to […]