21 Days of Prayer – Day 3

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No More Darkness

Do you remember being afraid of the dark when you were a child?  It might have been a monster under the bed or the boogeyman in the closet. Kids are hardwired to be afraid of the dark.  Between the ages of two and eight, a child’s imagination is exploding and can conjure up many frightening things.  It is not the darkness itself they are afraid of; it is the fear of what the darkness is hiding.  


John 1:4-5
4 The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.


We all must deal with darkness in the world through sin that makes us spiritually dead to God.  When Jesus entered the world, he came as a light that would illuminate the darkness of our souls.  There is great news for lost souls; God is life and brings life to the spiritually dead.  He brings light into darkness.  Jesus’ life was an assurance of a better life to come. He shines light on the areas of our lives that need to be changed.  The light of Jesus transforms our dark souls to be light bearers to those still in darkness.

In his book Light and Death, Dr. Michael Sabom writes of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) of Pam Reynolds. She conveyed that during a surgical procedure to remove an aneurysm, she experienced an NDE. She was able to recall with great detail the procedure that they were performing to bring her back to life.

She stated that she encountered a light that was incredibly bright, there were figures in the light, and they were covered with light. She began to recognize them and one of them was her grandmother. She also stated that their looks were her understanding of what they looked like in the best of their lives.  Her case is considered one of the strongest cases of verified evidence of NDE because of her ability to describe the surgical procedure when she was brain dead.

Pam’s story is very real to me because I was witness to my father’s spiritual experience three weeks prior to his passing. My mother had passed nine weeks prior, and he was heartbroken. In his experience, he saw many people including his mother who had passed when he was only five and his little brother Bobby who passed at the age of two. He said his brother was older in their meeting. He saw Mom and said at one point she was close enough to Eskimo kiss.  She spoke to him about where she was and what a wonderful, exciting place it is. I feel blessed to have had such a unique experience of a glimpse into the afterlife. This experience has greatly affected my life. Certain earthly activities have lost their luster, and loving others and sharing with others are much more important to me now.


Revelation 21:23
And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light.


There is no sun in heaven because God provides the light. We can experience God today and know him personally. And if we choose to follow him, we will never walk in darkness. When we know him, he brings light into our lives and we have no need for fear.  Light means nothing can hide.  Light energizes, light shows truth, light is life!


John 8:12 NIV

But Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 NIV


Do you believe that God gives us light in our darkness?


What does knowing there is life after death mean to you today?


Will you let the light shine through you?


Next Step:   
Read Isaiah 60 to discover God’s promise of blessing to his people.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your light that will never go out!  Thank you for sending Jesus, who is the life and light of the world.  Grant us the wisdom to walk in the light and leave the darkness behind. Through Jesus’s name we pray.  Amen.


21 Days of Prayer -Day 3    

This Week’s Prayer Focus:   

Personally, pray for God to help you to know him more. Ask him to reveal the things in your life that keep you from knowing him more and to identify the things that you need to add to your life. Ask, what step you need to take this year to know God more. Collectively, pray that CedarCreek will be a place where thousands of people who don’t know God, come to know him this year.

Collective Prayer Focus:

The greater Toledo area, greater Findlay area, Southeast Michigan, and Northwest Ohio.

This post was written by Jennifer Macke. Jenn is the Real Estate Manager for Hancock County. She has a son, daughter, granddaughter, and grandson, and she thanks God every day for them. She feels blessed to be writing for the LivingItOut. She was raised in an Evangelical Church, but her spiritual life awakened when she started attending CedarCreek.

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9 replies
  1. Michelle Z.
    Michelle Z. says:

    I am giving up soda (which is a big deal to me), my dinner, TV as my entertainment source and I have started Yoga as my exercise routine during these days of fasting and prayer.
    When my son, Devin passed away 24 years ago there is not a day that goes by I don’t think of Heaven!! That’s my real home…..

  2. Sarah Rankins
    Sarah Rankins says:

    Beautiful post, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing! I am fasting by not eating until I read my Bible & pray & giving up Instagram.

  3. Chris Baney
    Chris Baney says:

    Jen, so proud of the way you are serving our church. Thanks for the time you invested into this and for sharing a portion of your story. The Light of Christ is such a gift for us on earth and in eternity.

  4. Kristen Niese
    Kristen Niese says:

    I loved the first week of this series, and the LIO has been a huge encouragement to me this week so thank you LIO contributors! Talking about Heaven gets me excited as I know that this is not our home. 1,000 amazing days here will not even compare to 1 day in Heaven. I think this gives hope to everyone. We need to spread this hope so that others can be in Heaven with Jesus.

    I’ve given up Facebook, and to be honest, it’s so incredibly hard! But I’ve been reading LIO every day and have been praying more, and journaling. What a great way to begin a new year. So excited for all that is to come this year for our church family!

  5. Luke Shortridge
    Luke Shortridge says:

    Thanks for sharing what you are fasting Michelle, Sarah, and Kristen!

    And Jenn, great entry today! God certainly does shine light upon our life when we begin to follow Him!

  6. Jennifer Macke
    Jennifer Macke says:

    I want to thank everyone that commented to my post. Since losing my Parents, this subject is near and dear to my heart. It is so reassuring that through Christ, the chain of our families will link again in Heaven! I cannot imagine what life would be like if there was no reassurance of an afterlife. It would be so sad.

  7. Pam Zimmerly
    Pam Zimmerly says:

    I’m committing to being more intentional. First and foremost with my relationship to God, then with my relationships with others. I have given up nighttime snacking, and started exercising more. During these 21 days I am listening to the words that I hear when I wake up first thing in the morning seek me. And I’m seeking God and how he can work through me, and help me make a difference for others. I have been spending time talking to people either in person or on the phone and asking them what I can pray for them for. And I’m keeping a prayer Journal that I will look at all through the year. It has been challenging, but the rewards are great so I push forward to continue what I feel led to do this year

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