Be a Fountain, Not a Drain

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When you hear “refreshing,” what comes to mind? Watermelon on a summer’s day? Ice cream after a long walk? The air conditioning in your car after a day at the pool with four kids? How about a good, clean, corny joke from a co-worker? A riddle from your 6-year-old who has no front teeth? Refreshing can mean different things to each of us, but we can all agree that it is a blessing to be physically and mentally refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25    
The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

I married a refreshing man. He has refreshed my mental state of mind since we were dating. He used to say that when he woke up in the morning, he asked himself, “What can I do for Julie today?” Now, he refreshes me physically with a foot rub or time for a nap. He has always taken over our seven kiddos when coming home from work so I could go shop, meet a friend, or wander around aimlessly for an hour. Jack is the most refreshing person in my life. He always makes me laugh. Actually, he always makes everyone laugh. He is genuinely interested in other people’s lives. He is a giver, a fountain of fun. He is never draining, but pours himself into whatever task he has before him or whichever person is with him. He even makes the bank teller’s day better! He is an example of how being generous is one of the ways we can move our relationships from monotonous to adventurous.

This weekend, Ben shared this principle: As I pour _________ into you, ___________ pours into me. This principle tells us that whatever it is that you choose to pour into others, that is what you will get back. If I pour nothing into you, nothing pours back into me. If I pour anger into you, anger pours back into me. If I pour encouragement into you, encouragement pours back into me. Jack is an example of someone who chooses to pour love, encouragement, and generosity into others.

Do you know someone like this? Maybe YOU are that person: someone who inspires us to look at the bright side, the glass as half full, the positive way God uses circumstances, the rainbow after the rain.  We are called to BE that person, for our own sake. The proverb above is a statement of fact, a promise that he who refreshes will himself be refreshed.  As counterintuitive as that may sound, I know for a fact that Jack gets charged up by making someone’s day.

In the end, to be refreshing is to allow the world to see GOD, to notify the world through the light of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, that he is real, alive, and at work in each of us. And, that God loves each of us because we are important. Allow God to use you today to refresh a co-worker, friend, or family member. As you choose to refresh others, you choose adventure over monotony.

Can you think of a refreshing person in your life?

Have you ever thanked them for the impact they have on you?

What are you pouring into others?

Next Steps:
BE A REFRESHER!  It is a CHOICE.  Find someone today to refresh.

Dear God, thank you for sending refreshing people into our lives. Help me to be that refresher. Lord, would you open my eyes to see the person who needs refreshing? Show me the act of kindness I can do so that you might be known. Help me to be your fountain. Forgive me for draining or grieving another. Thank you for your Spirit who refreshes my soul. Amen.

This post was written by Julie Roehl. Julie loves God’s Word and CedarCreek and is so very grateful for the love and grace of Jesus. She enjoys grammar, traveling, and tennis. She is married to John, and they are blessed with 7 children.

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  1. Ben Snyder
    Ben Snyder says:

    Thanks Julie! Great inspiration here! It has been a blast to have your daughter and her husband in my group!

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