Giving Up Control

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I admit it: I am a recovering control freak. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband and daughters. For the majority of my life, I tried to control everything around me. I had very little peace. I was often fearful. I was a Christian, but I wasn’t free. I would cry out to God for help, and then I would tell him how he should fix the situation. If he didn’t move quickly enough, I would think he needed my help. As Joyce Meyer says, “I was acting like the Holy Spirit, Jr.” It is hard to admit, but I really didn’t trust that God really knew me or knew what was best for me.

About five years ago, my twin brother, Mark, died suddenly. I slowly realized I had no control of my life. I learned how short life is and how things could change drastically in a moment. I knew I no longer had the answers. I turned to Jesus because I understood that he was really in control, and I wanted him so desperately to change me. I desired to learn to treasure every moment God gave me. I yearned for his peace. He knew exactly what I needed. He created me and he knows me so perfectly and completely. He knows me better than I know myself.  Looking back on those times, I now understand how he guided me every step of the way. He saw me and what I needed: his love, patience, caring, peace, hope, and joy. He freely gave these to me through his presence and his Word. He spoke into my life through the Bible, sermons, books I read, my family, my friends, and numerous other ways.

Psalm 139:1-4

You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me.
2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
you perceive my thoughts from afar.
3 You discern my going out and my lying down;
you are familiar with all my ways.
4 Before a word is on my tongue
you, Lord, know it completely.

The last five years have had seasons of delight, heartache, fear, pain, and joy. God has taught me he knows best. I must admit at times I do revert to acting like a control freak. I’ve found that when I try to take control of a situation, I lose my peace, I become anxious, and everything eventually falls apart. On the other hand, I have learned that when I let go and give the situation to God, everything turns out better. I feel his peace and joy along the journey and have the faith to know he will turn things out for the best. I realize I can trust God. He knows things about the situation that I am clueless to. He knows exactly what I need, before I do. Bottom line: I can trust him completely because he knows what is best for me. I can breathe and relax because he is faithful and loves me in spite of myself.

What should you give to God to handle? How much do you trust him? Do you believe God knows you better than you know yourself and that he knows what is best for you?

Next Steps:
Praise God for loving you and knowing you so well. Trust that he knows what is best for you.

Write down ways he has proven himself trustworthy in the past. Meditate on verses that let you know how well God knows you and loves you.

Jesus, I am so overwhelmed that you know me better than anyone else and that you love me anyway. I am so grateful that you have an awesome plan for my life. Please increase my trust and faith in you. Help me to cast all my cares on to you. Help me to grow closer to you. Help me to love others as you love me. Thank you, Jesus, for loving me so much. Amen.

This post was written by Marsha Raymond. Marsha has been happily married to her husband, Jeff, for 30 years. They have two grown sassy and fearless daughters. She loves spending time with God, her family and friends, reading, riding bicycles, yoga and walking.

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