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Today’s Bible Reading: Mark 5

Today’s LivingItOut:
In this week’s LivingItOut, we continue our journey through the book of Mark. Today we begin with Mark 5 and we will end the week by reading Mark 8 on Friday.

In Today’s reading, Jesus has “arrived at the other side of the lake, in the region of the Gerasenes.” The time spent there is short-lived. The dramatic change in one man, once possessed by many evil spirits, caused the crowd to plead with Jesus to go away and leave them alone (verses 1–17). Jesus went back to the other side of the lake. He healed two women in response to faith (verses 21-42). Both situations appeared to be impossible and hopeless, not unlike the man possessed by many evil spirits. Yet, Jesus again demonstrated his power over disease and death.

Similarly to how the man delivered from the legion of evil spirits proclaimed everything the Lord had done for him, I, too, want to proclaim what Jesus has done for me. Jesus always has been faithful to me. He has walked with me and at times carried me through many challenges. While I would have never chosen the challenges presented, his strength in me has deepened my trust in him. He was and always is with me!

I stand amazed at his goodness to me in spite of “broken” (unwise) decisions I’ve made intentionally. He has saved me from sins I would rather not list. He has restored damaged emotions and he continues to offer deep peace in the midst of unexpected, unplanned storms. As he repairs me it makes life better for me, and when I am repaired it makes life better for those around me.

Do you intentionally follow Jesus knowing and believing he is the Son of God, yet fail to have faith in the impossible and hopeless situations life presents?

Next Steps:
Pray, asking him to reveal areas of brokenness that are hindering spiritual growth.

Participate in 21 Days of Prayer with our church. Refer to the 21 Days of Prayer Guide and other resources at

21 Days of Prayer -Day 8
Prayer Focus: Broken Before Him (Psalms 51:17)
Dear God, I have missed the mark of righteousness many times. Yet while I was still separated from you, you loved me and sent your son to die for me. Thank you, Lord. Do not allow me to act proud; don’t let me pretend to be whole and faultless when I am not. Instead, I offer my broken spirit to you, for you alone can make it whole. I come to you in repentance, knowing you see me as perfect because of your son’s sacrifice. Heal me God, and teach my heart to break for what breaks yours. In your son’s name, I pray. Amen.

This post was written by Karen Peck, a first time contributor to the LivingItOut Bible Study.

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6 replies
  1. Sarah Bucher
    Sarah Bucher says:

    Thanks for sharing Karen! When I encounter challenges or trials I want to remember the way God has been faithful in the past. It gives me hope. I also try to see God’s kindness in a situation, even when it’s super hard to see. Where is he present and where is he reminding us that he is faithful and kind? One day at a time right?

  2. Andy Rectenwald
    Andy Rectenwald says:

    “As he repairs me it makes life better for me, and when I am repaired it makes life better for those around me.”

    Thanks, Karen! I struggle with always trying to fix my sinful behaviors instead of trusting God with them. This was a great reminder.

  3. Jeffery Ovens
    Jeffery Ovens says:

    Karen, thank you SO MUCH for leading me to a mirror. Looking into it, all I saw was a reflection of me, my life. The good, the bad, and the ______. My mirror has a rough surface, reflecting the light in my life unevenly in many directions I do not want to see, be seen, or go. As I focus on God, see HIM, and pray, it strengthens my faith and relationship with Him. It clarifies the PASSION and the PURPOSE God CREATED ME TO do.
    Welcome to the LIO Team Karen. A TOUCHDOWN on your first carry.

  4. Carol
    Carol says:

    Just wanted to let Karen know she did a great job. Continue to good work. God Bless you for your talent.

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