Living It Out – Daily Bible Study 05.18.12

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FRIDAY — What is Your Rhythm of Life?
Big Point: By developing a rhythm of life, you can effectively engage in the spiritual disciplines and live a life that allows you to be available to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

This week’s Bible study was intended for you to gain not only knowledge of the Trinity and its truth but also to learn how to apply it to life. The C.S. Lewis Institute developed what’s called “Instructions for Developing a Personal Rule of Life.” These are rules drawn by you to help develop your spiritual disciplines. These “Personal Rules” do not mean that you only engage in inward disciplines or private disciplines. Your Personal Rule should include corporate disciplines (such as worship, confession, celebration, or spiritual direction) and outward disciplines (such as service, simplicity, or chastity). The C.S. Lewis Institute provides this further explanation:

“A ‘Rule of Life’ is an intentional pattern of spiritual disciplines that provides structure and direction for growth in holiness. A Rule establishes a rhythm for life in which is helpful for being formed by the Spirit, a rhythm that reflects a love for God and respect for how He has made us. The disciplines which we build into our rhythm of life help us to shed the “old self” and allow our “new self” in Christ to be formed. Spiritual disciplines are means of grace by which God can nourish us. Ultimately a Rule should help you to love God more, so if it becomes a legalistic way of earning points with God or impressing others, it should be scrapped. If the traditional, ancient term “rule” concerns you because it sounds legalistic, think of “rule” as a “rhythm of life” or as a “Curriculum in Christlikeness” (Dallas Willard), or as a “Game Plan for Morphing” (John Ortberg).

The following graphic is meant to illustrate this “rhythm” or “rule of life” a bit more. Take a look and then answer the questions that follow:


LIVE…What will you do now?
Provide a clear self-assessment that briefly describes your current situation in life–family responsibilities, work schedule and other life circumstances. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your character?

Are you blessed, for example, with self-control, a compassionate heart, a bright mind, or a spirit of joy? Which vices do you most struggle with?


Describe the way in which you practice specific disciplines (how and when to pray, serve, practice simplicity). How do these disciplines address the areas where you need discipline and growth?


Where do you sense that God is calling you to stretch and grow? Where do you want to change?


If you could hear your own eulogy, what would you want to hear?


PRAY…God, what do you want me to know and do?
Ask God to help you take the time to develop your “rhythm of life” and to always be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


Visit: to get additional instructions on C. S. Lewis Institute’s “Instructions for Developing a Personal Rule of Life”

Weekend Updates!

  • Who will you invite to our next series? “FIGHT!” Starting the weekend of May 26th, a new series will begin that addresses how to fight for your country, your faith, your marriage, your soul and how to fight your fears. We encourage you to invite someone to this series of messages.
  • Ready to commit to Missional Membership? If you completed your Missional Membership study (either online, by completing the Missional Membership workbook or through the LifeGroup DVD), feel free to attend any one of the Commitment Day sessions during all four services this weekend.
  • Does your teenager feel trapped? Suicide is rising as the number one cause of death among teenagers. The cause? Bullying. Join Fusion (6-7:30pm) and Vertical (6:30-8:00pm) this Sunday as they continue to tackle these issues in their series “Trapped.”
  • Are You Interested in Joining a Ministry? Become an Intern. The CedarCreek internship program is a year long opportunity that allows individuals to get personal ministry experience and grow in their faith. Send an email to Wade at for more information.


Living It Out: May 2012
“I do not treat the grace of God as meaningless. For if keeping the law could make us right with God, then there was no need for Christ to die.”
Galatians 2:21 (NLT)


Living It Out
It is the dream of CedarCreek that everyone who calls this their church home will be reading and studying the same topics, both individually and in groups. Each week, join with thousands of others at CedarCreek Church in applying God’s Word, the Bible, into your daily life. Our hope is that while we learn and grow together, as individuals and as a church, we will collectively live out the weekend message.

Living It Out resources, such as the Daily Bible Study, Daily Bible Reading Plan, Discussion Questions and Scripture Memory Verses are designed to help us embrace a missional mindset…a mindset that compels us to love Jesus, serve others and tell the world about Christ.

Living It Out: Daily Bible Study…Daily Bible study activities to reflect on the weekend message

Living It Out: Daily Bible Reading Plan…Read through the Bible in 1 year—Old and New Testament will alternate month to month.

Living It Out: Discussion Questions…Weekly questions to discuss with others

Living It Out: Scripture Memory…Memorize one Bible verse per month

All of these resources are also available electronically at, where you can subscribe to have any or all of them emailed to you as they are updated.

We Want Your Feedback!
Tell us about any questions or comments you have about this week’s Living It Out: Daily Bible Study. Forward them to

Living It Out: Daily Bible Reading Plan scriptures are listed for each day. By completing each of the daily readings, you will read the entire Old Testament in 1 year. These readings are separate from the Daily Bible Study.


Forgotten God
Francis Chan

The Knowledge of the Holy
A.W. Tozer


This week’s Living It Out Daily Bible Study written by:
Barb Roose
Diana Patton
Stephanie Coil

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