Potential in Your Placement

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The story of King David begins in 1 Samuel 16. As the story begins, we see a prophet of God, named Samuel, mourning God’s rejection of Israel’s current king, King Saul.

God tells Samuel to stop mourning and to go visit Jesse from Bethlehem. It is from Jesse’s family that God would be choosing the next king of Israel. Upon arrival, Samuel is introduced to seven of Jesse’s sons. They were all strong, young men, who by appearance would make great kings.

To Samuel’s surprise, none of the seven sons were chosen by God to be king. The one God had chosen was Jesse’s eighth son, who wasn’t even invited to meet Samuel. Instead, he was told to stay away and tend to the sheep.

I can only imagine what David might have been thinking as he was watching the sheep. He probably questioned his placement in life and wondered what could have been if only he had been the first born. He probably felt insignificant, overlooked, and under-appreciated. Maybe he was in a moment of questioning his place, when over the hill came a servant summoning him to meet with Samuel.

To everyone’s surprise, David was chosen as God’s anointed one to be the next king of Israel. As we continue to follow David’s life, though, he wasn’t immediately made king. In fact, we see that not much changes at first. He is still the eighth son of Jesse sent out to tend the sheep in the fields.

It is from this time of anticipation of becoming king where we can learn so much from David’s story. Had David been so focused on what was to come, he could have missed what God wanted to do through him each day prior to becoming king.

In this weekend’s message, Perrysburg Campus Pastor Josh Whitlow shared with us that if we have an unhealthy focus on tomorrow, it will undermine what God wants to do through us TODAY. In fact, an unhealthy view of yesterday, or even today, limits how God can use us.

However, as we learn to put our trust in God and have faith that he wants to use us right where we are, our potential to make a difference becomes limitless. Over the next four days, we will continue to look at the story of David and learn how we can experience the limitless potential in our current placement.

Do you see potential in your current placement?

Have you ever focused so much on what your future might hold that you missed opportunities in the present moment?

Next Steps:
Prepare to learn from the life of David this weekend by reading 1 Samuel 16 and 17.

As we wrap up our series This Is Me, take some time and think about the purpose God has for your life. Think about how he can use your past, personality, passion, and placement to make a difference fo him.

Write down a few steps that you can take today to become a difference maker. If you struggle to come up with anything, consider completing GrowthTrack. (Cedarcreek.tv/GrowthTrack)

God, forgive me for all the times I missed what you were up to in the here and now. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you, not my past or my future. Thank you for the story of David, and help me to be aware of how you want to use me in my current placement to make a difference for you. Amen.

This post was written by Ben Bockert. Ben is a proud husband and father of three beautiful daughters. He is honored to serve as the Director of the LivingItOut Bible Study.

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