Stuff: You Can’t Take It with You. Or Can You?

Last October, my wife and I were blessed with the opportunity to be part of a mission team from CedarCreek and Rock City churches that traveled to Choluteca, Honduras. The week in Honduras generated many memorable experiences, including our participation in constructing two homes for families in need. But looking back, there is little doubt […]

Have You Ever Had Too Much Chinese Food?

Have you ever had too much of a good thing? For you, it might be cookies, ice cream, candy, or other sweets. It could also be television or video games. For me, it is the single greatest type of cuisine: Chinese food. When I’m staring at a plate of Chinese food, no matter how full […]

Venting Your Anger Isn’t Always a Good Idea

“What a jerk! How can someone do this to me? Sorry, I’m just venting, I’m really mad right now at this [fill in the blank].” Many people lobby that venting anger through explosive language and aggressive actions is a healthy way to cope with a situation, but there is a real danger in giving in […]


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