Could Something in Your Life Be Better?

In Ben’s message this past weekend, he kicked off our new series “Better” by asking this question, “Could something in your life be better?” Go ahead and answer that question right now.  For many of us, that question did not take long to answer. I know that I was able to think of very specific […]

It’s Not Your Job to Clean Up Everyone Else’s Life, and That’s OK.

One of my daughter’s favorite foods is pancakes. She has them almost every morning. She’ll try any kind – whether they’re blueberry, chocolate chip, M&M, or just plain – she loves them. The problem with pancakes, as any parent will tell you, is they are typically served with a sweet sticky substance called syrup. My […]

How to Know When You’re Hurting a New Christian’s Faith:

Us and them. As a sports fan, my first thought when I hear this is, “us versus them.” Cleveland against Pittsburgh, Ohio State against Michigan. But in today’s society, terms like “us,” “them,” and “those people” have very different meanings. Even in biblical times, separations existed between tribes and ethnicities. Initially, new Gentile-converts were welcomed […]


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