In the Face of Suffering

As Ben said at the start of this series, most questions people have about God and Christianity are not so much matters of the head as they are matters of the heart. Although the existence of evil is a serious question, both logically and theologically, many of us view it as a personal problem rather […]

He Carries Me

“Do you want to get well?” To someone who is sick, or depressed, or even just feeling down, this is an odd question. Of course you do! Yet, Jesus chose these words when speaking to a man who had been paralyzed for his entire life (John 5). Maybe you are like that man, wanting to […]

A Purpose for Our Pain

This is a hard one to grapple with. Especially when we are going through it, it is difficult to see and believe that God has a good plan for our divorce or the death of a loved one. What is the plan for a terminal illness or a freak accident that alters our lives forever? […]


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