Reinforce Your Foundation

My father was a cement mason. As a young child, I spent many weeknights accompanying him as he prepped his “extra” jobs. I cherish the memories of the time we spent together, riding in his pickup truck, windows down, singing at the top of our lungs while my dog howled. I remember how hard he […]

Need a Wake-Up Call?

As we continued our series, Adventure(Us), this past weekend, our church stepped into a new idea that was fun and adventurous. Each campus had three speakers teach live for 10 minutes, totaling 30 minutes of teaching. Thus the name “3 in 30.” For this week’s LivingItOut, each day we will focus on a proverb from […]

Pouring Into Others

I had our first child at age 32 after a fun career in international business. Accordingly, my sole priority became being “the perfect mom.” Only homemade organic food for that boy (he preferred hot dogs and ice cream). Only the most wholesome videos (he’d rather play pretend shooting games). And, Bible stories and prayers at […]


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