The Choice is Yours…

When I retired in July, I decided I would start cycling again. After all, I loved riding my bike as a child, and when my kids were young, it provided great enjoyment to the entire family when we rode together. I had not ridden in almost 20 years, yet I was able to get on […]

Fruit for the Soul

Several years ago, I went to lunch with two ladies I worked with. Somehow, the subject of religion came up. They believed there are many ways to heaven. I spoke up and told them what I believe — Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and God raised him from the dead on the […]

GPS 10.0

Years ago, I used to have a Rand McNally road atlas. That was the GPS of my early years. That atlas had maps of every state, detailing the major highways and byways available for travel. I used it for directions for a long time as we traveled around the country. But there are some inherent […]


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