Free Pizza

“Who wants to eat a free Pizza Hut pizza every week for a YEAR?” screamed Rich Hall across America in 1986. “I do!” I replied while eating there with my family one evening.  We each filled out the placemat entry form, and a week later, I received the phone call notifying me of my tasty […]


We often pray and expect immediate results from God. Or we think that we only have to ask once because God knows what is in our hearts and minds. However, prayer is not a magic wand to get whatever we want, even with the best of intentions. Prayer is much bigger than just us; it […]

Our Earnest Prayers

One of my spiritual gifts is intercession, which is a fancy word that means ‘praying for others’. Since I became a Christian, I have always been fascinated with prayer and its power. The first nine months of CedarCreek Church, we spent hours and days praying about what God wanted our church to look like. Until […]


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