Giving Voice to the Pain

When good people suffer, we struggle to understand why God doesn’t intervene. One way we respond intellectually to these events is by being curious, asking questions about why God allowed such evil. What we need in those moments is a conversation with a friend or trusted mentor. (More on this response tomorrow!) However, when we […]

Why, God?

In the second week of the “You Asked for It” series, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder tackled arguably the most pervasive question mankind has asked in relation to God’s ways. This question has been posed and pondered for thousands of years, dating back to the pages of the Old Testament.  It has led some to question […]

One Encounter with Jesus

Just as every person has a story to tell, so every Christian has an encounter with Jesus to share. That’s because Christianity isn’t a religion rooted in laws, land, status, or heritage. Instead, it’s rooted in a person, and the story he first wrote for us – one full of sacrifice, emotion, and above all […]


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