How to Not Hate a Jerkface

Today’s Scripture: John 13 Thirty-one years ago, America was introduced to the term jerkface when Bart Simpson confronted bully Jimbo Jones. Bart was tired of putting up with Jimbo’s obnoxious and unlikable behavior. Emboldened by the backing of the 25 greyhounds his family recently rescued, he was ready to call Jimbo out for what he […]

Giving With an Open Heart

Today’s Scripture: John 12 I am really enjoying Cedar Creek’s latest series, “Feed the Pig.” (I love squeaking my little pink pig, lol.) Ben has been speaking about how we use our money. He says: we earn it, spend it, save it, and give it. Today I am going to focus on giving. I believe […]

Jesus Wept

Today’s Scripture: John 11 Until his own death, burial, and resurrection, one of Jesus’ greatest miracles was the resurrection of Lazarus. And yet, as much as this scene speaks to Jesus’ divine nature and omnipotence, I find myself amazed at the humanness of this story. There’s a lot to reflect on about how we, as […]


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