The Final Authority

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 9 Revelations. Whether reading it for themselves or talking to someone else about it, where does one even begin with Revelations? I’m sure you have questions about this chapter, because I have questions about this chapter. And there’s no way I’ll be able to explain what you’ve either just read or are […]

The Sound of Silence

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 8 One of the most misunderstood and diversely interpreted portions of the Bible, the Book of Revelation is a study in contrasts. Revelation 8, which begins with silence in the heavens but rapidly unfolds into a dizzying series of cataclysmic events, is a worthy contributor to this divergent reality. With its apocalyptic […]

Hope and Courage

Today’s Scripture: Revelation 7 Have you ever thought that heaven might be boring? Does the concept of an eternal worship service not really excite you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dishonoring God, I just think the traditional concept that we are going to walk around on clouds with harps for all eternity is not […]


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