You are Never Alone

Take a deep breath. In and out. And another deep breath. And finally, a third one. Sometimes, we need to make ourselves pause for a moment to gain clarity and reclaim our inner strength. Taking a pause allows us to reconnect with God and to give the Holy Spirit a chance to be our advocate. […]

Selah – Pause and Reflect

This Tuesday, I have a fairly major surgery scheduled. I am actually looking forward to it because the recovery will force me to sit still for a couple of weeks! How bad is that? I’m retired, for Pete’s sake! There is something seriously wrong with this picture…just ask my husband who daily asks me for […]

What’s Next?

Have you ever put your faith in someone you love, only to be disappointed because they “failed” you? If you are a human being and interact with other humans, your answer will be a resounding “Yes!” And they would say the same of you. Thankfully, it is completely different for the children of God. God […]


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