Easter is Never Over

He is risen. On Easter Sunday, we saw those three words all over social media, and we heard the phrase frequently in conversation. Not only did these words permeate our world, but also these: You Matter. It’s such a simple phrase, but also one we neglect to use. Those two words, whether seen on a […]

Good Friday

Good Friday. The term is used to describe the day the only perfect, sinless man died a very public, embarrassing, and wrongful death. A day filled with physical and spiritual darkness. A day Jesus felt betrayed by God as the world’s sin was cast onto him. But a day that was necessary to restore God’s […]

Vandalism and Jesus

When I was in the 6th grade, I used to walk through a field on the way to school. There was a well-worn path that ran diagonally across it, and there was dense foliage all around. My friends and I had built a fort in the middle of it. It was the best part of […]


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