Giving Up Control

I admit it: I am a recovering control freak. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband and daughters. For the majority of my life, I tried to control everything around me. I had very little peace. I was often fearful. I was a Christian, but I wasn’t free. I would cry out to God […]

Generous Provider

Who was the provider in your family growing up—the breadwinner, so to speak? For my family, it’s basically always been my dad. I’m deeply appreciative, especially during my current stage of life as a young adult, for how willing he and my mom have been to help me however they can. Although I can’t fully […]

Unconditional Trust

One Saturday night several years ago, I was leading a group of teenagers on a retreat. During the evening, I presented an object lesson that I prayed would make an impact on their lives. I asked for a volunteer and a 7th grade girl jumped at the chance. She came forward from the group, and […]


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