What Does Love Require of Me?

This past weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder kicked off a new series entitled “The Upside-Down.” Over the next several weeks, we will be looking at some of the upside-down principles of the Kingdom of God that can turn our relationships right-side-up. Ben began with the upside-down principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. While this […]


Do You Know the Way? We will never know what heaven is really like until we get there, and while it is fun to imagine what our heavenly homes will look like, or what kind of jobs we may have there, we must be mindful that not everyone will be there. Fortunately, Jesus made it […]

God’s Unbroken Promise

In the early afternoon of May 27, 1943, a 26-year-old Army bombardier sat nervously aboard a bomber plane named Green Hornet. To the dismay of its reluctant crew, the rickety Army Air Forces B-24 had been commissioned to carry out a search and rescue mission, near the remote South Pacific island of Palmyra, in the […]


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