Final Destination

I just had my fifth baby. I homeschool our children, and they are not involved in many outside activities. My family looks different than the vast majority of the families around us, and yes, sometimes, I’m afraid that my children will be “weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.” Sometimes. But most of the time, I look at the […]

Out of Place

If you read LivingItOut last week, you might have read about my experience as a new Christian in my job as a police officer. As I learned over time, I wasn’t the ONLY Christ follower in the department, but I was one who was on fire for my faith. I found that I was an […]

I’m In!

It’s November 2, 2016. The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians are in Game 7 of the World Series. It’s do or die. They’re in extra innings, and the Cubs are leading the Indians 8-7. Somehow, Michael Martinez doesn’t ground out and is on first base. Let’s say you – like me – are an […]


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