The Power of a Moment

A moment with Jesus can change everything. It sure did for me. For years, I carried with me a lot of abandonment issues from my childhood. After becoming a Christian, I felt like I should be able to move past these feelings, but I wasn’t. I was in Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery, and I […]

Take a Chill Pill

About a week or so ago, during my internship interview, I was told I have a very calming personality. It was very flattering… and almost comical. If someone had tried to describe me about an hour earlier, while I was preparing for this same interview, “calming” would have been the last word on his or […]

Do It Scared

When I was about 7 years old, I remember standing on the edge of the town pool halfway to the deep end and looking down at my much-loved big brother who was urging me to try to do a cannonball jump. I fussed and fumed and made many false starts, but because my brother didn’t […]


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