My favorite hymn is “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” It is full of scriptural  truth, observable facts, and promises kept by God the Father. The writer, Thomas Chisholm, has personally experienced God’s faithfulness. The verses start with some important truths about God: God changes not, his compassions fail not, he forever will be as he always […]

What are You Preparing For?

This past weekend, Josh discussed three main points of how God uses us. On Tuesday, we learned that God wants us to be faithful in the little things. Yesterday, we learned that God wants us to have faith that he is the one that will do the work. Today, we are unpacking how an unhealthy […]

Your Uniqueness is a Gift

One of my most vivid memories of spending time with my father during my childhood in Germany is him showing me how a prism worked. A prism is an object made from glass, or another transparent material, that has a very specific shape so that it separates white light into the spectrum of colors. I […]


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