Look at the Birds

Would you recognize the signs that you are a control freak? Here are some clues: You correct others when they are wrong. You always try to win the argument or have the last word. You refuse to admit when you are wrong. You judge or criticize others. You drive with rage. While you may not […]

More Than a State of Mind

Heaven. There are probably as many ideas and mental images of it as there are people who believe in it. To some, heaven is a physical place, an actual dot on the map. The Elysian Fields of Greek mythology were supposedly located on the western edge of the earth, while the Greek gods were believed […]

Taking Your Eye Off the Tiger

I recently read a fascinating story about a tiger that was found roaming free around the Atlanta metro area. Calls to the local authorities began streaming in as residents noticed the animal wandering through several streets. I can’t imagine the fear that the community must have experienced during those hours. The relief that they must […]


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