Can You See Jesus?

This past weekend, Ben Snyder unpacked the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. In yesterday’s study, we looked at how the Samaritan woman was surprised that Jesus saw her. Today, we will look at how Jesus let her know that she did not really see him. John 4:10 Jesus replied, “If you only […]

God Wants to Be My Friend?

My daughter Ruby is 3 years old, and one of my favorite games to play with her is hide and seek. Even though she’s not very good at the game, it doesn’t make it any less fun. She can only hide for so long (roughly 30 seconds) before she leaves her hiding place and yells […]

Power of an Invite

Today concludes our series on prayer, and our Easter services begin tonight. This week in LivingItOut, we have learned how prayer makes us better under pressure. At the beginning of the series, Ben Snyder asked us to pray consistently for someone and to look for an opportunity to invite them to an Easter service. Sometimes, […]


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