Run Out of That Grave

I was saved quite a long time before I really knew Jesus. I believed he had died for my sins, that God raised him from the dead, and that I was saved. Sadly, I wasn’t living in the victory I had in Jesus. I wasn’t living in the joy, peace, hope, and grace that he […]

I Am a Child of God

I grew up in a musical family—we all learned to play instruments (I play the piano and the recorder), and we regularly sang or made music together, especially at Christmas time. Growing up in Germany, I was exposed to the traditional Christian hymns in the Protestant church we attended. Imagine sitting in a 17th or […]

Your Love is Loyal

I grew up listening to Southern Gospel music, particularly a band called “The Nelons.” My mom and my grandpa introduced me to the band’s music, and it became a shared interest. I would belt out the music, singing about God and how wonderful he is. It introduced me to a way that I could worship […]


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