Unconditional Love – Nah, I’m Good

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Do you know what God’s purpose for your life is? Years ago, I knew exactly what mine was. I created a mission statement and action steps, and I assembled an accountability group to support me in completing it. Convinced that the secret to fulfilling my potential in the Lord and running the good race was […]

Opening Your Eyes and Softening Your Heart – Nah, I’m Good

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Jonah has always been my favorite book in the Old Testament. His story is so raw and honest. It gives us an account of a man who was so against God’s will that he would literally rather die than repent from his disobedience and warn the Ninevites of God’s judgment in order to give them […]

Warning, A Storm is Coming– Nah, I’m Good

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Storms come in many forms. Twenty years ago, one began to brew in my life when a group of friends chose to take matters into their own hands. Granted, it was an attempt to keep someone safe, but I warned them that their approach could come back to bite them. The following day, three individuals […]


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