A Storm Can’t Stop God’s Plan for You

Today’s Scripture: John 19 I try to be an optimist. I don’t ignore the bad and believe everything is always sunshine and rainbows. But I do think we can learn to find peace in the storm. Part of that peace comes from realizing God has a plan even when evil works against us. When life […]

Betrayal of a Jerkface

Today’s Scripture: John 18 As Jesus entered into the Kidron Valley the night he was arrested, he would have passed by the brook of Kidron where the blood of the lambs that had been sacrificed for Passover would be channeled. This must have been a grim reminder of the blood that he would offer as […]

Jesus Prays

Today’s Scripture: John 17 “The power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not the one who says it” is part of a quote from Max Lucado that I wholly agreed with until I read John 17. While Mr. Lucado is correct, our prayers do make a difference because God is hearing […]


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