Comfort is an Excuse for Less – The Adventure of You

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My cousin said, “We’re going skateboarding down Danger Hill.” My brothers and I were up for the challenge, but before long, I limped back to the house with a bloody knee, a chipped tooth, and a scratched-up pair of new glasses, all courtesy of a parked car. Not bad for my first trip to Washington, […]

Give It (Control) Up! – The Adventure of You

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It is impossible to fully know the adventure God has planned when stepping onto a path he has arranged. Were the entire adventure revealed upfront, the likelihood is great that many would choose to take a seat and wait for another option. No doubt, I have cowardly failed to experience some adventures he planned, but […]

Never Too Late – The Adventure of You

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So far this week, we have learned about what a life adventure with God is. Today, I want to explore when Simon Peter first met Jesus—what seemed like a small request turned into a life-changing adventure Simon Peter could never have imagined (Luke 5:1-11). And I’d like to share my own story as well. Jesus […]


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