Let Go and Let God!

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This past weekend, Sarah talked about the opposite of surrender. She talked about an issue so many of us deal with. The issue of being a control freak, or more nicely put a “control expert.” I have to admit, I tend to like to control stuff (Maybe you do too?), but I’m not crazy about […]

God’s Got This

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During the weekend message, Sarah Bucher shared some practical ways to surrender ourselves to God by “requesting, releasing, and receiving” from him. God loved us when we were yet sinners, and his desire for us is to surrender our lives to his love and will.  Unfortunately, we resist turning over that false sense of control […]

Seek, Surrender, and be Steadfast

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I met my best friend in high school, but we weren’t best friends until years later. In high school, we hung out with a lot of the same people and had some fun times (sleepovers, going to dances, etc.), but it wasn’t until college that our friendship really grew. We didn’t go to the same […]


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