Bitterness Destroys; Grace Heals – Mixed Emotions

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I used to work as an occupational therapist in a rehabilitation hospital—a setting where you see people at their worst. Most people were nice enough, but there were some who oozed bitterness and anger. You knew right when you walked into their rooms, and I dreaded those patients. They allowed their past hurts to shape […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Mixed Emotions

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This summer, I worked as a preschool teacher. As you can imagine, I gained a lot of experience dealing with unregulated emotions. I quickly learned that young children have underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes and act on their emotions immediately. This is vice-based anger: they act out when they do not get what they want. If they […]

Virtuous Anger – Mixed Emotions

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Do you think it’s possible for anger to be a healthy emotion? Believe it or not, it can be. Last weekend, we continued our series, Mixed Emotions, by unpacking ANGER. We learned our anger is a signal, not a solution. The healthy anger that I’m referring to is virtuous anger. The dictionary defines virtuous as […]


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