Peace vs. Turmoil – Irresistibly Free

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In 1984, I accepted Christ’s life-giving, love-filled offer.  I was so excited to realize I could stop trying to be perfect. I could put it all in God’s hands, confidently knowing he would grow me in my faith and, eventually, lead me home to eternity with him. There have been stumbles and face plants along […]

Everyone Can Win – Irresistibly Free

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I often ponder the lack of response by individuals engaged in a disagreement, or as Pastor Ben likes to call it, “heated fellowship.” It raises the question—is the lack of response wisdom or cowardliness? Not participating in heated fellowship, out of wisdom, requires enormous self-restraint. If we were to make a list of topics to […]

Living in Contrast – Irresistibly Free

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Recently, a coworker commented about an immigration issue that was troubling her. Instead of getting curious and trying to understand her concerns, I got caught up in my own prejudgments on the issue. And rather than meeting my coworker where she was—feeling the need to belong—my reaction caused division. In retrospect, my approach to the […]


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