If Not Us, Then Who? – It’s Just a Phase

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This weekend we started a new series called It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It. Chances are if you have been around kids, you have heard those words used to describe the actions and attitudes they are displaying. Often it is said to give a parent hope. “It’s just a phase” is almost always […]

God Opportunities to Move You – The Adventure of You

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Last weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder wrapped up our series The Adventure of You by unpacking the story of Esther. The crucial word in the title is YOU. You are given opportunities from God to move you toward what moves him. However, these opportunities are not all about you. Rather, they put into perspective what […]

An Invitation For Your Presence To Be A Present – The Adventure of You

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Do you ever reflect and wonder about some of the opportunities that passed you by? I’m not suggesting to live in the past. Rather, consider the blessings you may have missed that could have made a world of difference. It’s time for each of us to start believing that God created us to aspire to […]


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