The Nature of God – Closer

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I have trouble focusing and resting in dead silence. It’s like my mind can’t turn off. I use white noise through rain sounds app to help me sleep. I can choose from rain on the leaves, peaceful water, ocean rain, thunderstorms, etc. A selection of ocean rain mixed with wind and thunderstorms calms me the […]

Abide in the Vine – Closer

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It is amazing to me how much Jesus has changed me in the last several years. For many years, I strove harder and harder to earn Jesus’ love and approval. I tried to do everything “right” and constantly fell short. This was so frustrating, and it made me feel bad about myself. Slowly, I started […]

Up Close and Personal – Closer

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This past weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder kicked off our new series Closer to remind us that God wants us to know him as intimately as he knows us. What does it mean to truly be close to God, and how do we accomplish this in a world where, at times, he can seem so […]


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