In Living Color(s) — The Great Divide

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I remember, as a child, not knowing I was brown until it was pointed out to me. I was maybe six years old and very confused! I didn’t see color at all! Ever since, that’s all I have been able to see—not in a negative way, but it is highlighted in everything. Babydolls, movies, TV […]

God’s Vision — The Great Divide

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When I was growing up, my mental image of Jesus was of a fair-skinned, blue-eyed man with light brown or blond hair. I had no idea that Jesus looked nothing like me. All around the world are images of Jesus that reflect the skin color and physical characteristics of that culture. There are images of […]

Love Them Well — The Great Divide

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The Great Divide has the power to either keep us down during our darkest and loneliest moments or bring us together as we recognize what makes life special. How can division bring us together? Well, it first creates an opportunity for us to learn about what we have in common and what makes us different. […]


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