If You Are Reading This, You Have A Purpose – At Your Best

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How old were you when you realized what you were meant to do or who you were meant to be? I was 21 when it happened, but it took years before I figured out it was OK to embrace that part of me. Society does a great job teaching us its expectations for who we […]

What Does It Cost? – At Your Best

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Do you remember what life was like as a child? How could we be so carefree and naïve? Many times as a child, I remember acting without a second thought: My hand on the hot burner. Ramp-jumping my bike on a loose stone driveway. Jumping off the roof of the house. Trying to catch a […]

Let Me Tell You About My Jesus – At Your Best

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Lead Pastor Ben Snyder gave an amazing sermon titled “Your Motivation – What Are You Reaching For?” Do you need to be replenished? Maybe you’re confused about what that even means. The definition of replenish is to restore or repair. “My Jesus” by Anne Wilson Are you past the point of weary? Is your burden […]


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