The Greatest Importance – Finding Peace

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The apostle Paul wrote to the Colossians about the place Christ should hold in their lives—the greatest position of importance possible. And we, those calling ourselves Christ followers, would be wise to similarly apply the truths written by Paul. To be clear, a heart genuinely changed by a personal relationship with Christ will, in turn, […]

Turn Down The Noise – Finding Peace

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Strive to be like Jesus! I think many Christ followers tell themselves that over and over throughout the course of their lives. At least, I have—many times. But can we really be like Jesus? And, more importantly, is that truly what God wants us to do? Following Jesus does not mean we have to be […]

ME? WORRIED…? – Finding Peace

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Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder … I was shocked! I thought everyone was tied up in knots, trying to be all things for all people. Although I had been a Christ follower for 20 years at that point, I still had no idea how to tap into Jesus’ “peace that […]


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