Life with Jesus is Rich!

Today’s Scripture: James 5 When I read “Warning to the Rich,” the heading in today’s reading, I thought, “doesn’t apply to me, I’m not “rich”.” Taking a closer look, I think James isn’t talking about monetary wealth. I remember a time when I had it all! I was leading worship at our local church, my […]

Pride vs. Humility

Today’s Scripture: James 4 “Pride” is a buzzword in our culture today. Phrases abound from the accomplishments of our children to the identities we have created for ourselves. We are proud of what we do, who we are, and what we or our family members have accomplished. Clearly in our culture, people want to feel […]

The Power of the Tongue

Today’s Scripture: James 3 The tongue is a powerful weapon. If used properly, it can help mend the broken, encourage the weak, create positivity, and bring nations together. The same tongue can also break a person’s spirit, curse humankind, and divide cultures out of fear and hate. James 3: 9 With the tongue we praise […]


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