Serve with Love – For the Win!

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God has grown me a lot over the years. Although I don’t exactly know how I portrayed myself to people during my more youthful years, it’s likely I spewed some comments or acted in ways that prevented some from taking their first spiritual steps. I’m actually thankful we didn’t have social media in the ’90s […]

Serve Others – For the Win!

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Can you imagine being one of the apostles sharing the Last Supper with Jesus when he stated that he would be betrayed, suffer, and die? Remember, he is the greatest and smartest man to ever walk the earth. For three years, he was your closest friend. You followed him and gleaned invaluable bits of information, […]

Created to Love and Be Loved – For the Win!

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One of the greatest struggles that we as Christians face is loving our neighbors as ourselves. We get so caught up in our own struggles that we often forget that Jesus has commanded us to carry each other’s burdens and help each other through their struggles. In our society, we are taught the values of […]


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