Pray First – Blessed

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In his weekend message, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder mentioned that another way we can give God our first is by praying first in all circumstances. For many, prayer is not a go-to throughout their day. Unfortunately, we often make it out to be more complicated than it is. I most often do this when I […]

First Thing First – Blessed

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Shortly after I became a Christian, I jumped into the deep end!  While going through Christianity 101 (a previous form of GrowthTrack), I learned that one of my spiritual gifts was intercession—praying for others. What?!? In my previous church experience, prayer was something the minister did for us on Sunday, so I was a little […]

Closed on Sundays – Blessed

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I am sure many of you can relate to this scenario. You’re out and about getting errands done on a Sunday when your stomach reminds you that it’s lunchtime and you need to eat. You say, “Let’s go to Chick–fil–A. It’s just around the corner, and their salads are fantastic.” So, you make the drive […]


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