Mastering Free Will

As we navigate the days of our lives, we are all too often driven by a desire to achieve a state of comfort. Life can be challenging. It can be messy. Sometimes, it can even be downright painful. In these times, it’s tempting to turn our focus on earthly pleasures in an attempt to ignore […]

“God’s Temple”

You likely have heard Christians and non-Christians alike say, “My body is a temple.” You can even find the phrase in stores on T-shirts and coffee mugs. But what does it really mean that our bodies are temples? How should we live that out as Christians? The New Testament reminds us many times that we […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Last weekend we continued our series The Knot, where we are learning how two can become one and love it. In the first week of The Knot, we learned that the purpose of marriage is oneness. This is made possible when both marriage partners pursue God. As they grow closer to him, they grow closer […]


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