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A Cancer Diagnosis and a Powerful God.

Sunday, August 10, 2014 I got ready for church that Sunday morning, thinking that we would go to CedarCreek Day and the Rib Off from there. My husband Mike wasn’t feeling well, so he said, “Go on without me. I’ll meet you at the Rec Center.” So I left for church. As soon as the […]

God is in Control of Everything, Even the NFL.

In life we all have made mistakes. We have said things that hurt others. We have done things we shouldn’t have. We all fall short of God’s perfect standard. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our slate wiped clean and our guilt lifted from our shoulders – to have our past screw-ups put “out of […]

God’s Power is With You.

Have you ever broken the rules? Have you ever faced the consequences of those broken rules? Did anyone ever show mercy to you? Biblical times were no different. God punished the Jewish nation and showed them his displeasure, yet he had mercy on them and delivered them. This gives you background to what the prophets […]

By Relying on God, We Can Fulfill Our Purpose

They are not much to look at. Small, pearly, ridged, oval eggs, sitting on a soft, fragrant milkweed leaf. When they hatch, they are even less to look at: small, rice-sized, gray worms with a black head. They eat and eat and eat some more, and as they eat, they change. They go from looking […]

No One Can Stand Against You

This week we’ve talked about how we need to trust God because he has promised to be with us. His very name promises us this. We have looked at the story of God telling Moses that he is the man to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and Moses balking at this commission. Over and […]

Who Are You?

Who are you? If you are as old as me, or just a fan of the rock and roll band, The Who, or the TV show CSI, you now have the song “Who are You?” playing in your head with all the “who-who,” “who-whos” accompanying it! Sorry! But it is a good question, one with […]

Is God With You?

“God is with me, wherever I go!” This was the Biblical truth my then-4-year-old son proclaimed to me when I picked him up from his first experience at Vacation Bible School last summer. We downloaded the soundtrack and listened to that classic Sunday school song on repeat for weeks. As many times I heard those […]