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God is Good – Bad Girls of the Bible

Have you ever been woken up for the hundredth time with anxious thoughts? Are you troubled about opinions and circumstances that you never would have cared about a few years ago? Currently, that’s where I find myself, waking up worried about a bunch of people, places, and things that I would not have previously cared […]

Who’s Your Daddy – Bad Girls of the Bible

Last weekend, our guest speaker, Amy Seiffert, encouraged us to examine where our opinions and actions come from and whether they reflect our title of “children of God.”  She used the life of Jezebel in 1 Kings to unwrap the reality that there are outside influences we embrace in our lives that negatively affect our […]

Distractible Influences – Bad Girls of the Bible

Snapchat, friends, Netflix, work, sports, Instagram, activities, to-do lists, Disney+, Facebook, relationships, shopping, celebrities, politicians, professional athletes. These are just a few of the things that influence us on a daily basis. Not only do they influence us but they might also distract us from the one true God. The voices that we subject ourselves […]

Against the Grain – Bad Girls of the Bible

Jezebel is probably the ultimate Bad Girl of the Bible. When I think of her, the image that pops up is Cruella de Vil. Both women were powerful, rich, beautiful, and willing to destroy anything that stood in the way of what they wanted. Who thinks making a coat out of puppies is OK? The […]

Take Inventory – Bad Girls of the Bible

Amy Seiffert, author, speaker, and podcaster, came to share her insights about Jezebel this past Sunday. She said Jezebel was a Phoenician princess, daughter of King Ethball of the Sidonians. Jezebel was likely married off to Ahab, who reigned in Samaria, to form a political alliance so her family could gain more power and wealth. […]

The First Lady – Bad Girls of the Bible

Last weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder introduced our next series, Bad Girls of the Bible. The bottom line of the series is, “Your focus shapes your future.” This week, our focus is on the original bad girl, Eve. And today, we are focusing on Ben’s lesson that most of our regrets could be avoided if […]

Focus on the Truth – Bad Girls of the Bible

When I was young, I remember some hurtful things that were said to me.  In 5th grade, some boys said I was stupid. I also remember trying to fit in with my peers but doubted that I did. Sometimes the voices were real, and other times, they were my own self doubt. I think it’s […]