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Representing Jesus – I Said This, You Hear That.

My best friend joined the Army because he lost a bet with his recruiter. The recruiter joined us in a game of 21, during which he “failed” to play up to our level. Afterward, he challenged my friend to a game of one-on-one—if my buddy lost, he agreed to travel to the Military Entrance Processing […]

Complementary – I Said This, You Heard That.

If you look up the word “complementary,” you’ll find that it means to combine in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other. To me, that seems like the perfect word to exemplify what a marriage should be like between a husband and wife. 1 Peter 3:7 In the same […]

Words for You – I Said This, You Heard That.

The series we are embarking on is so relevant—for everyone. I know of no one who is so proficient in the four temperaments (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic), that stepping into this series would be a waste of their time. Understanding how we are hard-wired is foundational because different temperaments speak and hear entirely different […]

Orange! – I Said This, You Heard That.

I hope you have taken the color test that the church provided to help give context to our communication issues and styles. If not, take a few minutes to do that now by texting “COLORS” to 419-419-0707. You will be provided with a link that will take you to the quiz. I always love to […]

Words Matter – I Said This, You Heard That.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” —Michael Scott (yellow), “The Office” Yellows speak the language of people who are fun. They tend to be enthusiastic, popular, affectionate, joyful, loud, and prone to interrupt. They hate to be alone. “I will […]

The Power of the Tongue – I Said This, You Heard That.

When you see the doctor, the first thing he or she does is check your tongue. Sometimes, the illness can be diagnosed   by looking at it alone. How we speak reveals a lot about us—the country where we live, our jobs, our values, and our lives’ purpose. Author Betty Eadie wrote: “If we understood the […]

Building with Our Words – I Said This, You Heard That.

I love to play the phone game “Words With Friends.” In fact, I probably spend too much time playing games or scrolling through social media when my time might be better spent engaging in authentic relationships. I could blame this on my solitary upbringing as an only child, my education in computers, my work experience […]

Choosing Encouraging Words – I Said This, You Heard That.

I have four siblings, and none of us are considered “short on words.” Sometimes it’s great, and we all nicely take turns talking … but that rarely happens. We talk over each other whenever we can find the time to shout a few sentences. Sometimes we find ourselves yelling at people right next to us. […]

That’s Not Helpful – I Said This, You Heard That.

I was a benchwarmer on my high school basketball team. I was not very good, but I enjoyed being part of a team and being with my friends. During my senior year, my team should have been amazing. We were experienced, and half of the girls on the team were almost 6 feet tall or […]