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If Not Us, Then Who? – It’s Just a Phase

This weekend we started a new series called It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It. Chances are if you have been around kids, you have heard those words used to describe the actions and attitudes they are displaying. Often it is said to give a parent hope. “It’s just a phase” is almost always […]

Operation Obstacle – The Adventure of You

Most obstacles are “God opportunities” in disguise. It is easy to miss potential when all you are focused on is your own problems. As someone who was a workaholic, using work to escape, I should’ve been humbled in January 2016. An injury put me on the shelf for four months. But, I healed from the […]

The Unexpected – The Adventure of You

Do you have any embarrassing memories that, no matter how hard you try to forget, always seem to creep back? I went to a Christian school in fourth grade where we had a weekly church service. The speakers typically passed out candy if someone answered a question, but I was always too nervous to raise […]

You Want Me To Do What…?! – The Adventure of You

Have you ever seen the movie, “300”? It is nasty and violent, but the bad guy is the same King Xerxes described in the book of Esther. King Xerxes married a beautiful Jewish girl named Esther. After years of living like a rock star in the palace as Xerxes’ queen, Esther’s cousin and guardian, Mordecai, […]

Spiritual Blindness – The Adventure of You

With absolutely no effort at all, it is possible for me to “get lost” perusing greeting cards. I have always been of the opinion that messages presented on greeting cards should say exactly what the buyer means. As in, not “close to” what you mean or not “close enough” to what you mean, but “exactly” […]

Only You – The Adventure of You

The Adventure of You is the title of the series that Lead Pastor Ben Snyder talked about again this past weekend. Throughout this series, my mind has been focused on two words in the title, “adventure” and “you.” This weekend’s message really made me realize the importance of the second big word, “you.” The truth […]