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Remember He is God – The Bible is Greek to Me

Doubt is sometimes viewed as the opposite of faith, but the truth is that you can have questions and still have faith. In fact, asking questions and being open to the answers can grow your faith tremendously. In his weekend message, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder mentioned five sources of doubt: desert, depletion, discouragement, deconstruction, and […]

Serve and Encourage Others – The Bible is Greek to Me

Over the past several days, we have been unpacking the P.A.U.S.E. method as a way to better engage with the Bible. So far, we have looked at Prepare, Ask Questions, and Understand. Today we will examine Serve and Encourage. Serve—Let God’s word inspire how you love others. To do this, model the behavior of Jesus […]

Prepare to be Amazed – The Bible is Greek to Me

I often prepare myself to be disappointed. I create a backup plan when I try a new food—just in case I don’t like it. I hesitate to read the next book in a series—afraid it won’t be as good as the previous one. I often throw in a “but your will be done” when I […]

The Journey to Servanthood – The Bible is Greek to Me

During the weekend message, each campus pastor discussed the steps on our spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. We transform from an unbeliever to a believer to a leader of others before ultimately reaching servanthood. How do we practically grow in our spiritual journey and reach servanthood? There are four main steps that lead us from […]

What Inspires You? – The Bible is Greek to Me

When I became a Christian at the age of 43, I knew about the Bible because my family faithfully attended church throughout my childhood and adolescence. I just didn’t think it had any relevance in the 21st century, nor did I believe it was necessarily the inspired word of God. The best thing that happened […]

Roar – The Bible is Greek to Me

I love to sing even though I am not particularly gifted at it. As a child, I went to a Catholic school for a couple years.  One day, I sang my heart out during mass. A girl in our class, who was an amazing singer, told me, “You should not be singing. You sound awful.” […]

Firm Foundation – The Bible is Greek to Me

God is our firm foundation!  As we read Scripture, listen to a message, or hear a song, we can hear him calling us to step out in faith. One song that has inspired me is Build My Life by Housefires. Matthew 7:24-27 24 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like […]