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A Song of Praise – The Bible is Greek to Me

Even though I may not have the best singing voice, music is woven into the fibers of everything I am. My mom always played Stevie Wonder or Lionel Richie vinyl on Saturday afternoons. The many styles of jazz have stirred up emotions since I can remember, and the social commentary of “The Message” was the […]

Our Chains are Gone – The Bible is Greek to Me

Most of my friends connect deeply with God through music. You may have seen some of them on stage at CedarCreek, while others of them are working behind the scenes in Production. Still others are just standing with you in the crowd, having a moment with God as they sing their hearts out. If I’m […]

Heart Connection! – The Bible is Greek to Me

Music connects God’s words to our hearts. I began with this weekend’s bottom line because I want you to ponder it for a moment. Think about some of your all-time favorite songs. You probably know all, or at least most of the lyrics, even if it is a song from many years ago. Or how […]

Hold Tight – The Bible is Greek to Me

Today, we’re going to continue to unwrap the purpose of Scripture and its benefits—particularly the hope and encouragement it offers. The first time I sought encouragement from the Bible was when my father passed away. I was devastated and opened my Bible looking for comfort. My eyes fell upon John 14. John 14:1-4 1 “Don’t […]

Guide Me to Freedom – The Bible is Greek to Me

People once purchased road maps to guide them to their desired destination. By the late 1990s, MapQuest had launched, and drivers printed off directions. Today, virtually everyone has access to Google Maps or some other GPS app on their phones, or their cars have their own navigation system. Plugging in an address and receiving step-by-step […]

Transforming Hope – The Bible is Greek to Me

Some years ago, I reached the age of realization—I am not a kid anymore. The harsh reality is, I know without a doubt, riding roller coasters at amusement parks is foolhardy for me. Refusing to accept that reality was not easy, but it was necessary. Back in the day, roller coasters were my thing. That […]

What is the Bible Anyway? – The Bible is Greek to Me

Although the Bible is the bestselling book in history, it can also be one of the most perplexing books ever written. This holds true for newer Jesus followers as well as those who have attended church for years. Although reading the Bible can seem intimidating, it is the most important book we will ever read […]