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I Want It That Way – Better in Bed

This week we have been learning the difference between healthy and unhealthy desires. Last weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder said that it is healthy to have desire. Not a single person should feel guilty for having desire. It is appropriate to think about what excites us and what stimulates the greatest desire in us. It’s […]

Unrestrained Desire Leads to Slavery – Better in Bed

One of the important lessons all people must learn is the difference between a want and a need. For example, everyone needs food, water, sleep, air, and some sort of shelter. You may have different preferences like ice cream or coffee, but you don’t need those to survive. When you need something, you are a […]

Don’t Be Casual – Better in Bed

This past weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder continued unpacking our series, Better in Bed, with this Bottom Line: HEALTHY DESIRE increases heat between the sheets. Is this an appropriate topic for church? According to Pastor Ben, it is not only healthy to talk about it but also important. Be mindful that this subject matter is […]

Let God’s Desire Shine In – Better in Bed

It’s natural to have desires. For instance, I love sushi! My years spent in San Diego spoiled me when it comes to that particular love. I follow my favorite sushi restaurants on social media, so my desire for that cuisine grows when I see a post. The problem is, I live in Fostoria, which isn’t […]

The Helper God Intended – Better in Bed

All through elementary, I dreaded the moment my teacher announced a group project. I know that some people live and breathe for group activities, but not me. From reading with a partner, to making a model with a team, to tidying up a room with someone else, I dreaded collaboration with my classmates and peers. […]

Making Love – Better in Bed

My husband and I will be married 33 years on September 17th. We deeply love and respect each other. We have private jokes that nobody else understands. We make each other laugh. We support each other. We know each other’s likes and dislikes. We hug each other several times a day, and we never leave […]

If You Know, You Know! – Better in Bed

Knowing God and understanding how he knows us leads to us being better in bed. For many, this probably seems like a strange thought. What does your sex life have to do with God and your relationship with him? It starts with understanding the answer to this question: “How does God know us?” Lead Pastor […]

It’s Time to Yada! – Better in Bed

When I came to know Jesus and what he did for me on the cross—even though I was a complete mess—I was astonished. Part two of that interchange was me realizing that I was not only created by God, but I’m also very intimately known by him. And that was not something I had to […]

Seeking God’s Perspective – Better in Bed

How often do you ask God questions? Not demanding answers, but simply to know him better? I recently read The Story of With by Allen Arnold and was moved by a habit he describes. Before falling asleep each night, he asks God for his perspective on the day’s events. He wants to receive spiritual vision […]