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Live a Balanced Life

Today’s Scripture: Luke 10 Today’s reading contains one of Jesus’ most famous parables, that of the Good Samaritan (v. 25-37). This parable teaches us that we should actively do good deeds out of compassion and not because we expect something in return. It therefore teaches us how to serve and love others through our actions. […]

Your Cross

Today’s Scripture: Luke 9 In our Christmas series, we are unwrapping some topics essential to the craziness of the holidays, and applicable to daily life. The theme verse is Romans 15:13 which says, “I pray that God, the source of HOPE, will fill you completely with JOY and PEACE because you TRUST in him…” In […]

Fertile Soil

Today’s Scripture: Luke 8 As a child, I so loved visiting my grandfather’s Schrebergarten! A Schrebergarten is a small parcel of land right next to the railway lines in the big cities in Germany. Due to the intermittent noise and not so great view, land next to the railway lines is not used for housing […]

Do You Surprise Jesus?

Today’s Scripture: Luke 7 In today’s reading, a Roman officer was seeking Jesus’ help to heal his servant. When Jesus approached the officer’s house, the officer felt unworthy of having Jesus in his home and knew that Jesus could instead heal his servant just by saying the words. This faith impressed Jesus, who said he […]

Flipped Upside-Down

Today’s Scripture: Luke 6 Did you know Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God more than any other topic during his ministry? God’s kingdom is so central to Jesus’s message that he mentions it 106 times in the Gospels. He often proclaimed that the kingdom of God is here and that it is here in […]

The Big Catch

Today’s Scripture: Luke 5 Our natural human tendency is to compare ourselves to people around us. This can be seen going all the way back to our days in elementary school, when we wanted to be just like everyone else. Looking and behaving like our friends at that time was a childish goal. Luke 5 […]

No Regrets

Today’s Scripture: Luke 4 Regrets are experiences we wish we’d had the opportunity for or wish we would have done differently. Some common regrets are people wishing they had the courage to be true to themselves, be happier, or to pursue their passions. In Luke 4, Jesus battles Satan and models how to resist temptation […]

Is it True?

Today’s Scripture: Luke 3 In a recent message, Andy Stanley, the lead pastor of North Point Community Church near Atlanta, said that what people want to know most about the news Jesus brought is, “Is it true?” People believe all kinds of stuff without really investigating whether it’s true or not. I believe that the […]