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My husband and I will be married 33 years on September 17th. We deeply love and respect each other. We have private jokes that nobody else understands. We make each other laugh. We support each other. We know each other’s likes and dislikes. We hug each other several times a day, and we never leave the house without kissing the other goodbye. Recently, I had Covid and had to be quarantined. The hardest part was that we couldn’t hug each other for several days.

Paul gives some great marriage advice in Ephesians.

Ephesians 5:33
So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself and the wife must respect her husband.

My husband’s actions make me feel deeply loved and cherished. I respect him so much and try to show him daily how much I love him. We are profoundly connected to each other. After all these years, we know each other better than we know anyone else. One of the things that makes our marriage so fulfilling is that we are equal partners. We make decisions together, and this makes both of us feel that we are valued by the other.

Last weekend, we kicked off our new series, Better in Bed, and Lead Pastor Ben Snyder explained, “Treating each other as equals doesn’t just give you a better marriage—it gives you a better sex life.”

Mutual love and respect lead married couples to feel a deep connection to each other. This connection is the difference between making love and just having sex. Anyone can have sex, but making love requires the couple to be extremely connected: physically, mentally, and spiritually. God gave married couples sex as a way to express their love for each other and to deepen their connection. He meant for us to be joined together, and to enjoy and treasure each other.

Matthew 19:5-6
5 And he said, “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united as one. 6 Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.

What is the difference between sex and making love? How do you show your spouse or significant other love and respect? How important is it for husbands and wives to feel equal?

Next Steps:
Say three edifying things to your significant other every day for the next 7 days. Watch how they respond. Praise God daily for the blessings your significant others bring to your life. Hug your significant other daily.

Consider these resources:

  1. Opt in to the Text Campaign. We’re offering 3 weeks of fun content to help couples be better together. Text BETTER to 419-419-0707.
  2. Join a Group. This is the primary way we see people grow and take next steps. The app has the directory right at your fingertips to help you see the Groups available.
  3. Attend the February 2022 Marriage Event. We are opening up registration during this series. To begin registration, simply text “marriage” to 419.419.0707.

God, I am so grateful that you love us so much. You created us to live a life of intimacy with others. You knew the importance of us not living a solitary life. You have blessed me with many wonderful and loving people. I praise you for my amazing (spouse /future spouse/plan you have for my future)  and all the wonderful people you have put in my life. Help me to love others as you have loved me. Amen.

This post was written by Marsha Raymond. Marsha has been happily married to her husband, Jeff, for 30 years. They have two grown sassy and fearless daughters. She loves spending time with God, her family and friends, reading, riding bicycles, yoga and walking.

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  1. Luke Shortridge
    Luke Shortridge says:

    Great stuff, Marsha! Sex isn’t salvation (yes…some people have made sex their God instead of God) but it has the power to bond a husband and wife together physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a way that only our God could create. Thanks for sharing! And if you know…then you know!

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