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Oh, the pain! The suffering! The very thought of it was impossible to accept — a career promotion with an unwanted stipulation attached to it. REALLY? Yes, really. There was a short window of opportunity to speak up or forever hold my peace.

Thankfully, God gave me the courage to confront the impossible. Were it not for his empowerment, ignoring the elephant in the room would have been easy. However, the opportunity to speak up about what needed to be addressed was laid right at my feet. Not responding with truth would have been wrong and left me full of regret. Undoubtedly, God allowed this circumstance as an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth for me.

That experience mirrors the focus of Oregon Campus Pastor Andy Rectenwald’s teaching on the story of Esther. In yesterday’s LIO, we read about Esther’s reluctance to act upon Mordecai’s plan for her to go before the king to convince him not to allow his minister, Haman, to kill all the Jews in Susa.

Can you imagine if Esther would have missed out on playing a pivotal role in the salvation of the Jews? Imagine the regret she might have experienced. Esther didn’t miss out though, because Mordecai helped her shift her focus from the power of King Xerxes to the power of God. That shift in focus is what gave her strength in her weakness and allowed her to find the faith and courage needed for the task.

So it is with you and me. Maybe, just maybe, you are in a position to be the hands and feet of Christ by standing up for someone, fighting against injustice, or dismantling an evil plan?

During the weekend service, we were challenged to show up on purpose. What does that mean? It means that we have the opportunity to step into every conversation, circumstance, or task ready to make a difference — at work, home, in our neighborhoods, at a checkout counter, to name a few. Every interaction is an opportunity to give eternal meaning to a mundane moment.

What holds you back from saying what needs to be said? What keeps you from standing up for someone else? What stops you from fighting against injustice?

Next Steps:
Choose to grow spiritually. Download the CedarCreek app and dive into “Resources” where multiple tools are available for your spiritual growth.

Join a Group in the fall semester.

God, you allow circumstances to surface in my life that I often fail to recognize. Sometimes I even run from the opportunity. Please forgive me for doubting you and your strength within me. Help me step into daily opportunities where I can give eternal meaning to the mundane. May your light shine in me and through me each day. It is my desire to put you on display with my words and my actions. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

This post was written by Karen Peck. Karen retired in March 2018 from Lucas County Information Services. She has been married over forty years. Karen rejoices over God’s faithfulness and God’s patience in her life and in her marriage. Nothing matters more to Karen than her relationship with God and her entire family. Her immeasurable faith in Christ and His ability to restore the broken runs deep within.

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