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It’s Just A Phase … so don’t miss it. We’re in the second week of learning in this series. In week one, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder gave insight into what a phase is and how important it is to make the most of it while it is in our present. In week two of the series, Lauren Snyder elaborated on ways we can make each phase more meaningful and memorable. So far this week, we have discussed rhythms and relationships, stacking a new habit with our old ones to create better rhythms, and using spiritual vision to influence those relationships. Today, we will discuss the importance of having other people in our own lives and how they can play an important role in whatever phase of life we find ourselves in.

I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy watching a variety of sports both on TV and in person. For me, the most enjoyable sports to watch are team sports. It is really satisfying to see how each individual on the team contributes in their own special way to achieve the ultimate goal of winning. No single man nor woman on any team can accomplish the goal by themself.

Life is very similar to team sports. God places other people in our lives to pour into us, in their own special way, to help us live out the story God has written for us. Obviously, family is our first line of resources for this, and I thank God every day for the family I have been blessed with, especially my supportive wife, Michelle.

For athletes, it is important for them to work out and practice together to build strong team bonds. As Christians at CedarCreek, we have a magnificent opportunity to do the same thing through Groups. This is a safe place where we can associate with others who share the same interests as ours or who may be going through or have knowledge about the phase of life we are in. It is an opportunity to be a coach to younger people (or newer Christians) who are going through phases we have already experienced. Or maybe, it’s an opportunity to be coached by others who are older and/or more experienced at the phase of life we are in now.

Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

This summer semester, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to lead a Group, called “Grandparents for Christ,” that will be open to grandparents of all ages. We will learn about some famous grandparents in the Bible and share and discuss ways we can be a part of the best and most memorable moments of the phases we are in as grandparents. Even though I am nervous about leading this Group, I am also excited to bring new insight and positive influence into my life from my other Group members. The phase of grandparenting has already brought more joy into my life than I could possibly have imagined. It has also brought more self-examination and reflection on past phases that I either didn’t make the most of or missed.

You can’t do it alone; I encourage you to take all the steps you can to put together a strong team of people in your life to make the most memorable moments of the phase you are in right now. Don’t miss it!

Do you have positive people in your life pouring into you? Are you active in a Group?

Next Steps:
Consider joining a CedarCreek Group. Read Psalm 78 and prayerfully ask God to place people in your life that can positively influence the phase you are in.

And for some of you, I want to encourage you to take the same step I am taking — Lead a Group. Your experience and passions have equipped you to help others. In the phase they are in today.

Most gracious God, we are so thankful that you have given us everything we need to experience meaningful memories in every phase of our life. Help us to use those resources to make the most of whatever phase of life we are in. Help us to remember that even though sometimes the days may be long, the years are short. In your loving name we pray, amen.

This post was written by Ned Miller, a regular contributor to the LivingItOut Bible Study.

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  1. Julie Estep
    Julie Estep says:

    Ned, how wonderful that you are leading a group for grandparents! My husband John is great about making the connections with other people who influence our lives. I’m good at gathering the family. We make a great team! Christ is the center of all of it! I think it makes all the difference.

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