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Today’s Scripture: Matthew 11

I think when we are looking for our place in life, we look for significance. I was looking for significance when I got my first job in a hair and nail salon. I didn’t know where this opportunity would lead me, but I stepped into training to do nails and assist the owner, who does hair. As I would assist, I started to break out in hives all over my hands and arms while shampooing clients. It turns out that I am allergic to hair color!

This caused me to doubt the journey God had for me. However even though I couldn’t see it, God was working through connections that led to a different opportunity at a nail salon. If not for the people in my life, I would have said “no.” Looking back on that time, I could not see God working in my life, but through the journey, I felt significance in the relationships I had with others.

As we read Matthew 11, we see that John the Baptist finds himself in prison. His significance in life was found in making a way for Jesus, but this imprisonment was turning his life upside down. He was stuck in a place he didn’t want to be, and it caused him to doubt Jesus and the work that he was doing.

To try to make sense of everything he was experiencing, he sought assurance that he hadn’t been wrong about Jesus. In Matthew 11:2, John asks his disciples to find Jesus to clarify that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. When John’s disciples find Jesus, he responds in verses 4 and 5.

Matthew 11:4-5
4 Jesus told them, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen— 5 the blind see, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor.”

Jesus assures John that the works being done point to himself being savior, and they reveal that John did not do his ministry in vein, even if he can’t see it. Jesus turns to the crowd and begins telling the crowd about John’s story. John couldn’t see the work Jesus was doing in his life because he wasn’t in the place he wanted to be.

Like John, sometimes we can’t always see what God is doing. John’s imprisonment caused him to ask questions. When I thought I couldn’t work at the salon anymore, I had questions too. The truth for us all is that there are times in life when we won’t like where we are, and it will cause us to question our journey. These are the times that we have an opportunity to seek Jesus, ask him for clarity, trust that he is who he says he is, and trust the journey that God has us on.

Where do you find your significance? Is it in your job, who you are in Christ, to whom you are married, where you live, or something else? Are you in a place that you want to be? If not, are you willing to invite others into your journey?

Next Steps:
Reflect on the times that God has worked through your life even if you didn’t see his hand on it while you were going through it. Share your story with someone.

Jesus, thank you so much for making my story significant. I can’t see the work you are doing in my life now because I am in a place I don’t want to be. Would you bring people into my life that I can share my journey with? I don’t want to be stuck in this place, and I can’t do it alone. I am trusting you are working through my life. In Jesus name, amen.

This post was written by Rebecca Roberts, a regular contributor to the LivingItOut Bible Study.

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    Thank you, Rebecca, for letting God speak through you. Your words of wisdom are just what I needed to hear today. Knowing that we are not alone on this faith journey is comforting!

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