Shine – Irresistibly Free

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I have very strong political opinions. In the past, it was very easy for me to get bent out of shape about things going on in the world that I didn’t agree with. I tend to complain, argue, and become irritated when I am focusing on the wrong things. My amazing mentor, Zonnie, gently points […]

In It To Win It – Irresistibly Free

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About six months ago, I was talking with a client when the topic unexpectedly swerved to politics. My whole body tensed as I realized she wanted my opinion on a hot-button issue. I fumbled for an answer that wouldn’t lose me business. I knew of my tendency to get swept away in an argument, trying […]

Sunday Dinner – Irresistibly Free

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Family reunions and holidays brought the Cephas family together like never before. Maryland crabs and oysters were the foods of choice, and distant cousins became the best of friends for an entire day. The only thing that topped those moments were Sunday dinners. Sunday was the day when everyone came together, and the stress of […]


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