Don’t Fuel the Fire – At the Movies

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Is it? Is it truly a beautiful day in your own personal neighborhood? In last weekend’s movie message, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder pointed out many things we can learn from Mr. Rogers. In the movie, he befriends a man named Lloyd who has been living an unhappy, troubled […]

Live Like It – At the Movies

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My grandma was a prominent member of my church growing up. She was a Bible study leader, sang solos, was in the choir, led the Wednesday night kid’s program, and the entire church body knew her as a woman of God. One day in class, she was teaching about honoring Jesus with the things we […]

The Better Way – At the Movies

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You may have heard the expression, “hurt people hurt people.” This is one of the themes from the movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which we saw portions of last weekend. We watched as the pain Lloyd carried with him from his past (and tried to deny for many years) finally erupts in a […]


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