Seeking God’s Perspective – Better in Bed

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How often do you ask God questions? Not demanding answers, but simply to know him better? I recently read The Story of With by Allen Arnold and was moved by a habit he describes. Before falling asleep each night, he asks God for his perspective on the day’s events. He wants to receive spiritual vision […]

God’s Masterpiece – Why Prayer…

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Before God does work through you, he wants to do a work in you. Find a quiet place and read that again. What does that mean? Let’s unpack this a little. Becoming a Jesus follower, while sometimes scary, is always exciting! God has promised that through his son we have new life, great hope, and […]

Don’t Stop! – Why Prayer…

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Do you remember playing “Red Light, Green Light” as a child? I remember playing many times. It was a lot of fun when there was a “green light” and you were able to advance toward the finish line, but as soon as “red light” was called, you had to stop. For me, that’s when it […]


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