Struggle? What struggle?

Welcome to Week 3 of “The Struggle is Real”! Did you ever have any doubt? We want to recap by first establishing that we all struggle. And while the details of our struggles may be different the principles are the same. We want what we don’t have. We have what we don’t want. We don’t […]

Who is in Control?

I’ve had plans Shattered and broken Things I have hoped in Fall right through my hands YOU have plans To redeem and restore me You’re behind and before me Oh, help me believe -Lyrics by Tenth Avenue North, “Control” From as far back as I can remember, I have been on this impossible and exhausting […]

Consequence Is No Coincidence

As a kid, I always attached a negative vibe to the word consequence. Television shows and movies made it seem like consequences were only the result of something you did wrong. However, consequences are, in fact, the result of any action. Any negative connotation comes from our own interpretation. In Lead Pastor Ben Snyder’s most […]


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