The Personal Art of Robbery – Blessed

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Lead Pastor Ben Snyder shared a personal story of the time he was robbed. The act against him felt personal because the deliberate intent to take from him wasn’t done from far away, but right within his presence. When we tithe, we give back what isn’t ours to begin with. At times, we selfishly think […]

Is It in the Bible? – Blessed

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If there has been a lack of “hot topics” in your corner of the world (Ha!), here is one for you: Announce to your family and friends, “the tithe is Biblical.” The mere mention of the tithe, especially within the context of a sermon, often results in offending and/or upsetting the saints. (FYI: I am […]

The Ultimate Test – Blessed

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Did you know God invites us to TEST HIM. Test him? Do we dare attempt to test God? Many would say no—trust, but don’t test. However, God truly does invite us to test him. With what and how do we test him … and why? God tells us to test and see if he will […]


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