Repurpose Evil – At the Movies 2022

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Last weekend At the Movies, Richard Williams, father of tennis greats, Venus and Serena, was presented as a man with an undying love for his daughters. He wrote a 78-page plan to ensure his daughters would succeed in tennis. That is no small undertaking. It would be interesting to know the number of revisions he […]

First Things First – At the Movies 2022

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King Richard. What a great movie and story! Through background conversations with his daughters, you come to understand that Richard’s childhood was anything but a storybook. And yet, Richard was determined to create better circumstances for his girls. I love that! It affirms yet again that our choices can change our life’s trajectory! During the […]

Face Your Fears – At the Movies 2022

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What are you afraid of? Spiders. Heights. Public speaking. Failure. Rejection. Losing a loved one. We each have something we fear. In fact, a lot of us probably have many things we’re afraid of. For some of us, our fears can paralyze us and hold us back from the best life God has for us. […]


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