Living it Out by Leaving it Out – Final Stretch

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The first week of the Final Stretch series focused on the scripture of James 1, which speaks very directly to the hypocrisy that arises when we fail to put our faith into action. The necessity of living our faith is an underlying theme in the book of James. Even if we identify as followers of […]

Step into a Healed Heart – Final Stretch

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My 4-year-old sister, Mary, loves to pray. She prays for her paper cuts to get better, for Christmas to get here sooner, and for play dates with her friends. But it is my favorite when she prays for other people. Often, Mary will pray for God to “heal their hearts.” She not only wants God […]

What’s Your Story? – Final Stretch

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Seeing my words in print for the first time changed something inside my mind (although seeing them now makes me cringe). What I had once only imagined became reality, and I felt driven to further develop my skills. Before that moment, my writing had only served me. My ideas and words filled pages that no […]


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