Family is like Salad – Irresistibly Free

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Freedom that comes from one’s self isn’t true freedom. Selfish or sinful freedom only brings decay and deceit. True freedom comes from Jesus—he chose to free us to be part of his family. Think about that for a moment! God chose us, and Jesus gave his life so that we could be free. You and […]

“Abba, Father!” – Irresistibly Free

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At 22, I still view my dad as the same hero that I did when I was a child. Each Father’s Day, I have the chance to celebrate my dad and reflect upon everything he has sacrificed for me. He has been my greatest comforter and supporter. He first taught me about Jesus, and he […]

No Way Out – Irresistibly Free

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As I sat down to ask God what I should share for this devotional, my youngest son, Chase, came and joined me at the table. With his tongue hanging out, he very diligently began to cut identical squares out of tissue paper and placed them on the table.  My heart exploded with love as I […]


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