MR. ROGERS: The Real Deal – At the Movies

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This past weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder walked us through one of the most important lessons human beings can learn: how to regain our lost peace. He unwrapped this message by playing clips from the 2019 movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This powerful movie is about a profoundly sad and angry man who […]

The Author’s Great Story – At the Movies

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I often find myself planning out my day, creating a schedule or checklist in the morning. (Sometimes, I get proactive and do it the night before.) Yet, even when I carefully schedule my day, it often gets messed up. The cookies I baked took longer than anticipated. The math lesson was harder than I thought […]

Spaceships & Sacrifice – At the Movies

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When crisis strikes the Starship Avalon, Jim Preston and Aurora Lane must set aside their differences and work together to save their ship and the thousands of people still in hibernation on board. As they work to solve the problem, it becomes increasingly clear that one of them must make a sacrifice to save the […]


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