The Reason Why We Sing – Why Prayer…

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My uncle went into bars when he was 16-years-old. He probably could’ve made it in with his facial hair and his baritone voice, but a much older gentleman always got him into the establishments. They had a good time drinking, but their primary purpose for going was getting into fights. My uncle said they would […]

Ordinary to Extraordinary – Why Prayer…

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I love the phrase in Acts 4:13 where Peter and John are described as “ordinary men with no special training.” When we think of life’s purpose or making a difference in the world around us, we can be plagued by many doubts and insecurities about what WE could actually do. We play the comparison game […]

Praise Him in the Storm – Why Prayer…

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Sometimes life is just hard. Things we have looked forward to turn into messes, and it can be hard to catch our breath. Over the weekend, Lead Pastor Ben Snyder finished the series, Why Prayer… He said that “knowing what is truly valuable helps us find purpose in a mess.” So let me tell you […]


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