Hemming Moments

During the weekend message, Perrysburg Campus Pastor Josh Whitlow mentioned life is better when you can create meaningful moments for others and that every memorable moment is EPIC (Elevation, Pride, Insight, Connection). Luke 8 recounts Jesus walking through a crowd of people on his way to heal Jarius’ sick daughter. At some point, a woman […]

Pump It Up

When I was a kid, somewhere around the late 80s and very early 90s, I remember seeing the commercial for Reebok Pump sneakers. You pumped the basketball “button” on the tongue of the shoe and it would make you run faster and jump higher! The kids in the ad looked as though they could fly—it […]

Meaningful Moments

Think of a time when someone created a special moment for you. What did the moment entail? How did it make you feel? What made it special? I’m blessed because creating meaningful moments is my husband, Kevin’s specialty. In April, I celebrated a “Quarantine Birthday” (like so many of us), but that didn’t stop Kevin […]