Spiritual Blindness – The Adventure of You

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With absolutely no effort at all, it is possible for me to “get lost” perusing greeting cards. I have always been of the opinion that messages presented on greeting cards should say exactly what the buyer means. As in, not “close to” what you mean or not “close enough” to what you mean, but “exactly” […]

Only You – The Adventure of You

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The Adventure of You is the title of the series that Lead Pastor Ben Snyder talked about again this past weekend. Throughout this series, my mind has been focused on two words in the title, “adventure” and “you.” This weekend’s message really made me realize the importance of the second big word, “you.” The truth […]

Put Value in Your Faith – The Adventure of You

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A few weekends ago, my brother-in-law brought up my remarkable (in my mind at least) past prowess on the basketball court. My wife’s eye-roll signaled my nephew to protest the mentioning of my former glory that only served to inflate my ego. Reliving those days reminded me of the attention to detail that went into […]


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