See What You Can’t See

Years ago, I watched a documentary about a man who ate fast-food three times a day for 30 days. The documentary captured his weight gain, and medical test results revealed negative changes to his blood and cholesterol levels. As if things couldn’t get worse, the documentary also showed how various fast food products didn’t mold […]

Bigger Than I Thought

God is bigger than any struggle we face. This weekend, we sang “Bigger Than I Thought” by Sean Curran. Today, spend time listening to this song again and remember these words throughout the day. Sean opens up the song by singing, “Speak to me when the silence steals my voice.” Throughout history, silence has plagued […]

Turning Your Focus to God

Like most popular idioms, the phrase “the struggle is real” is rooted in a shared reality: we all face undesirable circumstances and challenges on a daily basis. A quick internet search delivers scores of related memes and urban dictionary entries because it attaches a wink of irony to the real-world problems with which so many […]


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